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Volume 4, No. 1, March 2002 - full papers



Review Paper

1 Nanoscale arrangement in the GexAs(Sb)40-xS60 systems

E. Vateva, E. Skordeva

  Scientific and Technological Researches

Nonuniform photonic crystals for multicolor infrared photodetection

Z. Jakšic, R. Petrovic, Z. Djuric

Low temperature growth of smooth indium tin oxide films by ultraviolet assisted pulsed laser deposition

V. Craciun, C. Chiritescu, F. Kelly, R. K. Singh

Photodoping of glassy arsenic chalcogenide films by zinc

A. Arsh, N. Froumin, M. Kelbanov, V. Lyubin

Electrode-limited conductivity of amorphous chalcogenide thin films from the GeSe2-Sb2Se3-ZnSe system

S. Boycheva, V. Vassilev

Electron-induced changes in absorption edge for amorphous Ge-As-Se films

N. D. Savchenko

Structural–technological modification of As2S3 glasses

O. V. Luksha, E. I. Borkach, V. P. Ivanitsky

Advanced electroceramic materials for electrotechnical applications

C. Miclea, C. Tanasoiu, C. F. Miclea, V. Tanasoiu
9 The defect concentration and the electric properties of the UO2 ceramic samples G. Chirlesan, D. Chirlesan, S. Anghel, I. Iorga-Siman
10 Molecular ordering in the nematic state evaluated by optical absorption anisotropy measurements and MO-SCF-PPP calculations C. Plosceanu
11 Simulation of a 3.2 Tbit/s submarine system (80 ī 40 Gbit/s) over 400 km with only 3 spans I. Bibac
12 Hall effect and magnetoresistance measurements on permalloy Py thin films and Py/Cu/Py multilayers M. Volmer, J. Neamtu, I. Inta
13 The dynamic susceptibility of a quasi-one-dimensional Mn porphyrin-based hybrid magnet: Cole-Cole analysis M. A. GÓrtu
14 Quantum efficiency of photoinduced defect creation in amorphous As2Se3 films Meherun-Nessa, K. Shimakawa, A. Ganjoo
15 Bi2-xSbxTe3 thick thermoelectric films obtained by electrodeposition from hydrochloric acid solutions M. Nedelcu, M. Sima, A. S. Manea, M. F. Lazarescu, R. V. Ghita, F. Craciunoiu, T. Visan
16 Properties of titanium based hard coatings deposited by the cathodic arc method
I. Microchemical and microstructural characteristics
M. Balaceanu, M. Braic, D. Macovei, M. J. Genet, A. Manea, D. Pantelica, V. Braic, F. Negoita
17 Properties of titanium based hard coatings deposited by the cathodic arc method
II. Mechanical, anticorrosive and wear resistance characteristics
V. Braic, M. Balaceanu, I. Tudor, A. Popescu, M. Braic, G. Pavelescu, R. Zamfi
18 Spectrophotometric analysis of the mixtures of photosynthetic pigments D. M. Gazdaru, B. Iorga
19 Competing phenomena in laser effects on the growth of yeast cell colonies C. Stanescu, S. Anghel
20 Thermoelectric conversion and specific heat of hornet combs S. Ishay, V. Pertsis, L. Litinetsky, E. Rosenzweig, V. Lusternik, A. Voronel
  Short Communications

Chemisorptional approach to kinetic analysis of SnO2:Pd-based thin film gas sensors

V. Brinzari, G. Korotcenkov, J. Schwank, Y. Boris
22 Carbon vibration modes in C60 fullerenes P. Lozovanu, G. Lasser, M. Stamati, M. Caraman
23 Defect structure of CaF2 crystals M. Nicolov
24 Peculiarities of preparation and properties of glassy antimony chalcogenides P. P. Shtets, V. V. Rubish, V. I. Malesh, V. M. Rubish, D. C. Semak
25 The implementation of an optical Internet submarine network in Balkan region I. Bibac