last update: 20 iun. 2006

 Volume 2, No. 3, September 2000 - full papers



Review Paper


New perspectives of lithium niobate crystals

E. Kokanyan, E. Diéguez
2 [(BaCuO2)n/(CaCuO2)m]N  artificial superconducting superlattices A. Crisan, P. G. Medaglia, G. Balestrino

Scientific and Technological Researches

3 Pulsed laser annealing of CdTe single crystals 

P. Fernández, J. Solis, J. Piqueras

4 On the photoluminescence of a-C:H films

N. Tomozeiu, J. Seekamp, A. Ferrari, J. Niemann

5 Photophysical properties of a quinoline derivative in polymer matrices

C. Rogge, S. R. Ahmad

6 Some optical characteristics of Cu-As-S-Se bulk chalcogenide glasses

Ž. N. Popovic, D. M. Petrovic, S. R. Lukic, M. M. Gabric, S. J. Skuban

7 g-induced changes in Ge-As-S glasses

E. Skordeva, D. Arsova, V. Pamukchieva, E. Vateva

8 Frequency comparison at 633 nm wavelength: determination of diagonal elements of matrix measurements by using a master-slave He-Ne laser system 

G. Popescu

9 UV-VIS absorption spectrum of the KDP:Pd system

A. Ioanid


Hornet (hymenoptera, vespinae) silk as complex electric circuit: the analogy to vertebrate myelinated nerve fibers

J. S. Ishay, S. Kirshboim


Short Communications

11 Photoconductivity relaxation in As2Se3:Sn and AsSe:Sn amorphous thin films S. Rebeja