last update: 15 iun. 2006

Volume 2, No. 4, December 2000 - full papers



Review Paper


  Density fluctuations, phase separation and microsegregation in silicate glasses

G. N. Greaves, Y. Vaills, S. Sen, R. Winter


Scientific and Technological Researches


Thin films indentation size effects in microhardness measurements

G. Golan, E. Rabinovich, A. Axelevitch, A. Seidman, N. Croitoru


Numerical simulation of heat transfer in transparent and semitransparent crystal growth processes

F. Barvinschi, T. Duffar, J. L. Santailler


Main habit types of diamond single crystals seed-grown in the diamond thermodynamic stability region

S. A. Ivakhnenko, O. A. Zanevsky, I. S. Belousov


Sol-gel monocomponent nano-sized oxide powders

M. Crisan, A. Jitianu, D. Crisan, M. Balasoiu, N. Dragan, M. Zaharescu


Structural and magnetic investigation of mechanically alloyed Fe-M-B (M = Nb, Zr, Hf) powders

H. Chiriac, A. E. Moga, M. Urse, C. Hison


Optical characteristics of carbon nitride films prepared by hollow cathode discharge

M. Balaceanu, E. Grigore, G. Pavelescu, F. Ionescu, J. P. Roger


Influence of Ar partial pressure during deposition, on the I-V characteristics of metal-a-C:H-metal devices

M. Maharizi, A. Seidman, N. Croitoru


Magnetic exchange coupling in the high-temperature superconductors: esr point of view

L. V. Giurgiu, M. Mehring


EPR investigation of the spin relaxation in the quasi-one-dimensional platinum conductors

L. V. Giurgiu, X. Filip, O. Pana, C. Filip, A. Darabont, R. Ordean, S. Knorr, J. Rahmer, M. Mehring


Mn-site doping effects in the giant magnetoresistive perovskite La2/3 Ca1/3 MnO3: an EPR investigation

C. Filip, R. Ordean, G. D. Popescu, E. Surducan, J. Blasco, G. Papavassiliou


A low temperature path to the preparation of CoFe2O4 ferrite

E. Chirtop, I. Mitov, R. M. Ion, M. Iliescu


On the photoconductivity of Bi2O3 in thin films

L. Leontie, M. Caraman, G. I. Rusu


Energy levels of shallow donors in CdS and ZnO

A. V. Konstantinovich, S. V. Melnychuk, P. I. Savitskii, I. M. Rarenko, I. A. Konstantinovich


Behaviour of segmented poly(ester-siloxane)-urethanes in dilute solution

S. Ioan, G. Grigorescu, A. Stanciu


Short Communications


Photoconductivity relaxation in As2Se3:Sn and AsSe:Sn amorphous thin films

H. Chiriac, C. Hison M. Neagu


Influence of the sample diameter on the switching process of magnetostrictive as-cast Fe:SiB wires

H. Chiriac, F. Bogza, I. Murgulescu