last update: 20 dec. 2004

Volume 3, No. 1, 2001 - full papers




Holy Grail

1 Glassy materials clarified through the eyes of hypervalent bonding configurations S. A. Dembovsky, E. A. Chechetkina

Research Papers

2 Density of states in the gap, connected with dipole defects in the chalcogenide vitreous semiconductors F. V. Grigoriev, A. S. Zyubin, S. A. Dembovsky
3 Evaluation of hole drift mobility in glassy As2S3 in the teperature range 77 - 330 K A. M. Andriesh, I. P. Culeac, P. J. S. Ewen, A. E. Owen
4 Photo-stimulated structural transformations and optical recording in amorphous semiconductor multilayers A. Csik, M. Malyovanik, J. Dorogovics, A. Kikineshi, D. L. Beke, I. A. Szabo, G. Langer
5 Optical studies of alkali borosilicate glass irradiated with high-energy electrons A. V. Gomonnai, Yu. M. Azhniuk, D. B. Goyer, I. G. Megela, V. V. Lopushansky
6 Analysis of phase measurement error for null generalized ellipsometry using the phase compensator P. C. Logofatu
7 Simulation of photonic devices – L-band amplifier I. Bibac
8 The effect of atmospheric conditions on Zinc coatings G. Vourlias, G. Stergioudis, ?. K. Polychroniadis, I. N. Papadoyannis

The determination of the efficiency of optical fibre sensors

M.A. Chita, S. Anghel, I. Iorga-Siman, I. VladD. Berger, V. Fruth, P. Nita, I. Jitaru
10 Investigations of pyroelectric properties of pure and alanine doped TGS crystals M. Costache, I. Matei, L. Pintilie, H. V. Alexandru, C. Berbecaru
11 Advanced technology for making PZT type ceramics by fast firing C. Miclea, C. Tanasoiu, C.F. Miclea, L. Amarande, R. Iorgulescu, V. Tanasoiu, S. Moscu
12 Optical properties of polyaniline/CdS nanocrystals composite film V. Ghiordanescu, M. Sima, M. Nedelcu, M.Giubelan
13 On the structure and optical dielectric constants of TiO2 sputtered thin films D. Mardare, G. I. Rusu
14 Correlations between the nonstoichiometry and the thermodynamic data of perovskite-type compounds in the La-Sr-Mn-O system S. Tanasescu, N. D. Totir, D. Neiner
15 Preparation and study of Cr2O3 electrocoatings C. Gheorghies, L. Gheorghies
16 Magnetic behaviour of a 3-dimensional hybrid organic/inorganic magne M. A. Girtu

Some issues on tailoring possibilities for mechanical properties of particulate reinforced metal matrix composites

M. Mares
18 Non steady-state thermoelectric conduction M. Apostol, M. Nedelcu

Short communications

19 Optical hysteresis in free-standing porous silicon films I. Cojocaru, V. Pasat, V. Karavanskii, V. Chumash
20 Lead nanocrystals in KCl matrix S. Polosan, E. Vasile, E. Apostol, V. Topa
21 Crystallization of Fe75Cr5B20 amorphous alloy I. Mihalca, A. Ercuta, I. Zaharie, V. Kuncser, G. Filoti, A. Jianu
22 Characterization of the fluorescence quenching of chlorophyll a by 1, 4 benzoquinone using the nonlinear analysis D. Gazdaru