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Volume 3, No. 3, September 2001 - full papers


  Scientific and Technological Researches
1 Transport and phototransport in amorphous and nanostructured semiconductors I. Balberg
2 Equilibrium charge carrier mobility in disordered hopping systems V. I. Arkhipov, E. V. Emelianova, H. Bässler
3 Phase-change optical memory promotes the DVD optical disk T. Ohta
4 Applications of chalcogenide glass optical fibers at NRL J. S. Sanghera, I. D. Aggarwal, L. B. Shaw, L. E. Busse, P. Thielen, V. Nguyen, P. Pureza, S. Bayya, F. Kung
5 Chalcogenide glasses as sensitive membranes for the detection of ions in solution A. Pradel, O. Valls, C. Cali, G. Taillades, A. Bratov, C. Dominguez, M. Ribes
6 Electron beam induced patterns in Ag/GeS4 J. S. Romero, A. G. Fitzgerald, K. Mietzsch
7 Transient photocurrent techniques as a mean of characterising amorphous semiconductors C. Main, D. Nesheva

Ion transport in chalcogenide glasses: dynamics and structural studies

M. Ribes, E. Bychkov, A. Pradel
9 Structural raman studies of GexS1-x chalcogenide glasses I. P. Kotsalas, C. Raptis
10 Physical ageing in chalcogenide glasses J. M. Saiter
11 Effect of oxygen on the photoinduced changes in the electronic structure of As50Se50 glass films S. Krishnaswami, H. Jain, A. C. Miller

Award Boris T. Kolomiets

12 Discovery of the intermediate phase in chalcogenide glasses P. Boolchand, D. G. Georgiev, B. Goodman
13 Dynamics of Ge-Se glasses at stiffness transition Y. Wang, T. Nakaoka, K. Murase
14 The role of deffects in carrier type reversal in Bi doped Ge-Se glasses by photoluminescence spectroscopy N. Asha Bhat, K. S. Sangunni, K. S. R. K. Rao
15 Effect of photo and thermal dissolution of Ag on the electrical properties of a-As2S3 N. Goyal, A. Zolanvari, S. K. Tripathi

Microstructure of glasses and glass-crystalline materials in the system TeO2-V2O5-Ag2O-Agl

E. Kashchieva, Y. Ivanova, V. Ivanova, S. Nedev, Y. Dimitriev, E. Lefterova
17 Electrical switching in chalcogenide glasses - some newer insights S. Asokan
18 Non-destructive evaluation of purified HgI2 starting materials M. Schieber, A. Zuck, M. Lukach
19 MnS and CdS clusters encapsulated in natural zeolites F. Iacomi
20 Diffraction in laser induced gratings on thin As2S3 films A. Petris, V. I. Vlad