last update: 03 nov. 2003

Volume 5, No. 5, 2003 - full papers



Section 6a.Non-crystalline materials


Chalcogenide-based amorphous thin films prepared by pulsed laser deposition

P. Němec, M. Frumar


Self-organization in non-crystalline solids

M. Popescu


Liquid-liquid interfacial tension in immiscible binary Al-based alloys

W. Hoyer, I. Kaban, M. Merkwitz


Characterization of the interstitial voids in the structural model of amorphous silicon derived from the diamond-like lattice

F. Sava


Pulsed laser deposition of selenium-sulfur doped by paraffins

A. Lőrinczi


Photoplastic phenomena in chalcogenide glasses

M. L. Trunov, V. S. Bilanich


Absorption, photoluminescence and Raman spectra of some sulphide and tellurite/halide glasses

M. Ožvoldová, V. Trnovcová, M. Kadlečíková, A. Škubla, J. Greguš, J. Zavadil, D. Ležal


Optical band gap of gallium containing telluride thin films

P. Petkov, M. Wuttig, P. Ilchev, T. Petkova


Optical absorption and visible luminescence in Ga-La-S-O glass doped with Pr3+ ions

A. B. Seddon, D. Furniss, M. S. Iovu, S. D. Shutov, N. N. Syrbu, A. M. Andriesh, P. Hertogen, G. J. Adriaenssens


Persistent photoconductivity in amorphous As2Se3 films with Sn impuruty

D. V. Harea, I. A. Vasilev, E. P. Colomeico, M. S. Iovu


Native centers of electron and hole traps in thin amorphous films of As2S3 and As2Se3

V. I. Verlan


Optical absorption edge and structural disorder in electron-irradiated As2S3 chalcogenide glasses

I. I. Shpak, I. P. Studenyak, M. Kranjčec


Physical properties and structure of amorphous Agx(Sb0.33S0.67)100-x prepared by optically- induced diffusion and dissolution of silver into spin-coated amorphous Sb33S67 films and their application for optical recording

J. Gutwirth, T. Wágner, T. Kohoutek, Mir. Vlček, S. Schroeter, V. Kovanda, Mil. Vlček, M. Frumar


Optical properties and structure of amorphous Agx(As0.33S0.67)100-x films prepared by optically- induced diffusion and dissolution of silver into spin-coated amorphous As33S67 films

M. Krbal, T. Wágner, T. Kohoutek, Mir. Vlček, Mil. Vlček, M. Frumar


Hybridization model of photo-induced metastable atomic states in chalcogenides

K. D. Tsendin, I. A. Barygin


Electrical and optical properties of amorphous PbxIn25-xSe75 films with a dispersion of nanocrystallites

K. Pattanaik, A. Srinivasan


Post-irradiation thermally stimulated recovering of some ternary chalcogenide glasses

O. Shpotyuk, A. Kovalskiy, T. Kavetskyy, R. Golovchak


Chemical interaction of chalcogenide vitreous semiconductors with absorbed impurities induced by g-irradiation

O. Shpotyuk, A. Kovalskiy, T. Kavetskyy, R. Golovchak, M. Popescu


Compositional trends of the physico-chemical properties in pseudoternary chalcogenide glasses

L. Aljihmani, V. Vassilev, P. Petkov


Optical media for information recording based on amorphous layers of Sb-Se-In system

V. M. Rubish, P. P. Shtets, V. V. Rubish, D. G. Semak, B. R. Tsizh


Photo-induced transformations in metal-chalcogenide composite layers

M. Malyovanik, I. Ivan, A. Kikineshi, I. Mojzes, M. Shiplyak, I. Szabo, J. Torok


Photoelectrical properties in thin films of (Ge20Se80)0.98Sn0.02 glassy alloy

A. Thakur, P. S. Chandel, V. Sharma, N. Goyal, G. S. S. Saini, S. K. Tripathi


Photoconductivity relaxation in amorphous As-Se thin films doped with Sn, Mn, Sm and Dy

M. A. Iovu, M. S. Iovu, E. P. Colomeico


Transient and steady state photoconductivity studies on bulk glasses and amorphous films of Ge-Te-Pb - composition and spectral dependence

P. Zaheerudeen Saheb, S. Asokan, K. Appaji Gowda


Formation of complex structural units and structure of As-S-Se-Te-I glasses

S. R. Lukić, D. M. Petrović, S. J. Skuban, Lj. Radonjić, Ž. Cvejić


Photoluminescence and photostructural conversion in deformed laminated crystals of As2S3, GeSe2, As2Se3

A. A. Babaev, I. K. Kamilov, A. M. Askhabov, S. B. Sultanov


Photoluminescence and conductivity of As2S3 and As2S5 glasses with small gold additions

A. A. Babaev, I. K. Kamilov, S. B. Sultanov, A. M. Askhabov, P. P. Khokhlachev


Effect of thermal annealing on the electrical properties of amorphous Se75Te15Sn10 thin films

V. Sharma, A. Thakur, P. S. Chandel, N. Goyal, G. S. S. Saini, S. K. Tripathi


Speciality of Poisson equation solution and calculation of barrier profile on the interface to non-crystalline semiconductor

S. P. Vikhrov, N. V. Vishnyakov, V. G. Mishustin, A. A. Popov


Glass forming ability of bulk and mechanically alloyed Zr55Cu19Ni8Al8Si5Ti5 amorphous alloys

V. Kapaklis, S. Baskoutas, C. Politis


Thermodynamics of alkali metals melts

N. E. Dubinin


Structure properties of liquid fcc transition metals using the embedded atom method potential

S. S. Dalgic, S. Dalgic, U. Domekeli


Interatomic pair potentials and liquid structure of some HCP rare-earth metals

S. S. Dalgic, S. Dalgic, M. Celtek, S. Sengul


Structure of liquid alkaline earth metals and metal alloys using a new transferable local pseudopotential

H. Kes, S. S. Dalgic, S. Dalgic, G. Tezgor


Diagnostics of the structure and amorphous materials growth process by nonlinear dynamics method

N. Bodyagin, S. Vikhrov, S. Mursalov, T. Larina


Section 6b.Materials with targeted applications


Advances in physical vapor deposited polycrystalline-HgI2 X-ray imaging detectors

M. Schieber, A. Zuck


Amorphous silicon – a promising material for diodes with ultra thin absorber

H. Stiebig, V. Mandryka, E. Bunte, H.-J. Büchner, K. H. Jun, G. Jäger


Structural aspects of fuel cell electrodes

E. Budevski


Applications of chalcogenide glass bulks and fibres

X. Zhang, H. Ma, J. Lucas


Solid state gas sensors: state of the art and future activities

S. Capone, A. Forleo, L. Francioso, R. Rella, P. Siciliano, J. Spadavecchia, D. S. Presicce, A. M. Taurino


Chalcogenide based gas sensors

D. Tsiulyanu, S. Marian, H - D. Liess, I. Eisele


Application of amorphous chalcogenide semiconductor thin films in optical recording technologies

J. Teteris, M. Reinfelde


New application of inorganic chalcogenide photoresists in lift-off photolithography

M. Veinguer, A. Feigel, B. Sfez, M. Klebanov, V. Lyubin


The industrial technology of crystalline silicon solar cells

M. Lipiński, P. Panek,  R. Ciach


Mode model for infrared propagation in a toroidal type of waveguide and applications

Z. Menachem, N. Croitoru, J. Aboudi


Microstrip patch antenna with dielectric substrate

D. D. Sandu, O. Avadanei, A. Ioachim, G. Banciu, P. Gasner 


Frequency agile bst materials for microwave applications

A. Ioachim, M. I. Toacsan, M. G. Banciu, L. Nedelcu, C. Plapcianu, H. Alexandru, C. Berbecaru, D. Ghetu, G. Stoica, R. Ramer


ZST type material for dielectric resonators and substrates for hybrid integrated circuits

A. Ioachim, M. I. Toacsan, M. G. Banciu, L. Nedelcu, G. Stoica, G. Annino, M. Cassettari, M. Martinelli, R. Ramer


Plasma deposition of alternate TiN/ZrN multilayer hard coatings

M. Braic, V. Braic, M. Balaceanu, G. Pavelescu, A. Vladescu


Preparation and characterisation of analcime powders

M. Novotna, V. Satava, J. Maixner, A. Klouzkova, P. Kostka, D. Ležal


Al2TiO5 –based ceramics obtained by hydrothermal process

M. Zaharescu, M. Crisan, M. Preda, V. Fruth, S. Preda




Active thermoelectric probing

G. Golan, A. Axelevitch


Radiation power spectral distribution of charged particle moving in a spiral in magnetic fields

A. V. Konstantinovich, S. V. Melnychuk, I. A. Konstantinovich


Fractal analysis of micrographs and adsorption isotherms of La1-xSrxCoO3 samples

G. Dobrescu, D. Berger, F. Papa, N. I. Ionescu, M. Rusu


Multicomponent diffusion and reaction in three-dimensional Networks

V. Popescu, C. Oprea, S. Birghila