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Volume 4, No. 4, 2002 - full papers



Review Paper


Nature of glass transition in chalcogenides  

P. Boolchand, D. G. Georgiev, M. Micoulaut 
  Scientific and Technological Researches
2 Gap states in chalcogenide glasses   G. J. Adriaenssens, A. Stesmans 
3 On the polymeric nano-heteromorphous glass structure V. S. Minaev
4 The effect of rare-earth impurity on the photodarkening relaxation in as-evaporated amorphous As2Se3:Pr and As2Se3:Dy films M. S. Iovu, S. D. Shutov, P. Boolchand, E. P. Colomeico, V. G. Ciorba, S. m. Iovu, M. Popescu
5 Crystallization in chalcogenide glass by differential thermal analysis measurements  E. N. Voronkov

Structural features and mechanism of reversible photoinduced trasformations in amorphous chalcogenides 

M. Popescu, W. Hoyer

Microindentation hardness of SrLaAlO4 and SrLaGaO4 single crystals

 K. Sangwal, M. Hordyjewicz, B. Surowska

Chathodo - and photo-luminescence of erbium ions in nano-crystalline silicon: mechanism of excitation energy transfer

R. Plugaru, J. Piqueras, E. Nogales, B. Méndez, J. A. García, T. J. Tate

Characterization of a pulse width tunable picosecond Nd:YAG laser  

S. K. Sudheer, S. Vijay Shukla, S. M. Oak, R. Arya, V. P. N. Nampoori

Statistical model for lidar signal validation

V. Babin, M. Ciobanu, C. Talianu, D. N. Nicolae

Modelling the spectral noise of signal and double pass Er3+-doped Ti:LiNbO3 -mode straight waveguide amplifiers  

N. N. Puscas

Design of photonic crystal slab structures with absolute gaps in guided modes 

C. G. Bostan, R. M. de Ridder

Optical reconfigurable neuron by using the transverse pockels effect 

G. Moagar-Poladian, M. Bulinski
14 Simultaneous interrogation of multiple FBG sensors for dynamic strain measurements C. Z. Shi, C. C. Chan, M. Zhang, J. Jup, W. Jin, Y. B. Liao, Y. Zhang, Y. Zhou
15 On the structural and optical properties of antimony trisulfide thin films  N. Tigau, G. I. Rusu, C. Gheorghies
16 Nondestructive testing techniques and piezoelectric ultrasonics transducers for wood and built in wooden structures   V. Tanasoiu, C. Miclea, C. Tanasoiu
17 On the sputtering deposition process of silicon suboxide thin films  N. Tomozeiu
18 Structure of bulk and thin films of poly-methyl-methacrylate (pmma) polymer prepared by pulsed laser deposition   F. Sava, R. Cristescu, G. Socol, R. Radvan, R. Savastru, D. Savastru
  Short Communications
19 A modified hanning wavelet   V. I. R. Niculescu, V. Babin, M. Dan
20 Determination of the scattering  coefficient for n-GaAs from magnetoresistance and hall mobilities  V. Ciupina
21 Preparation of GaAs thin films from acid aqueous solution L. Gheorghies, C. Gheorghies