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Volume 8, No. 6, 2006 - full papers



Regular Papers

1 Reduction of defects by network self-organizations in non-crystalline dielectrics and semiconductors: a tribute to Professor Radu Grigorovici on the occasion of his 95th birthday G. LUCOVSKY, J. C. PHILLIPS  
2 Light-induced structural changes in hydrogenated amorphous silicon T. A. ABTEW, D. A. DRABOLD
3 Heterojunctions of hydrogenated amorphous silicon and monocrystalline silicon W. FUHS, L. KORTE, M. SCHMIDT
4 The effect of light induced degradation on the sensitization phenomenon in a-Si:H I. BALBERG, Y. DOVER
5 SiOx structural modifications by ion bombardment and their influence on electrical properties A. MILELLA, M. CREATORE, M. C. M. VAN DE SANDEN, N. TOMOZEIU
6 A story of silicon, soap and serendipity DENIS WEAIRE
7 Dynamic response of a coupled-cavities one-dimensional photonic crystal in the femtosecond regime A. BELARDINI, O. BUGANOV, G. LEAHU, A. BOSCO, M. CENTINI, E. FAZIO, C. SIBILIA, M. BERTOLOTTI, S. ZHUKOVSKY, S. V. GAPONENKO
8 Energy density of the cubic and spherical cavities with low adiabatic invariant V. I. VLAD, N. IONESCU-PALLAS
9 A many-body theory of conduction in electron glasses M. POLLAK
10 The time-of-flight photocurrent analysis revisited M. BRINZA, G. J. ADRIAENSSENS
11 The effect of surface activation on electroless Ag(W) deposition A. INBERG, V. BOGUSH, E. GINSBURG, E. RABINOVICH, N. CROITORU, Y. SHACHAM-DIAMAND
12 EXAFS study of local order in the amorphous chalcogenide semiconductor Ge2Sb2Te5 M. A. PAESLER, D. A. BAKER, G. LUCOVSKY, A. E. EDWARDS, P. C. TAYLOR
13 Towards an atomistic understanding of phase change materials C. STEIMER, W. WELNIC, J. KALB, MATTHIAS WUTTIG
14 Quadrupole and chemical shift interactions in crystalline and amorphous chalcogenides D. C. BOBELA, P. CRAIG TAYLOR
15 Giant photo-expansion in chalcogenide glass K. TANAKA, A. SAITOH, N. TERAKADO
16 Crystallization kinetics in materials with a two-phase formation from an amorphous phase E. PROKHOROV, G. TRAPAGA, YU. KOVALENKO
17 Photo-induced covalent-bond switching in amorphous arsenic selenide O. SHPOTYUK, V. BALITSKA
18 Glassy As40Se25Te35 films with high refractive index V. LYUBIN, M. KLEBANOV, A. ARSH, L. SHAPIRO, B. SFEZ
19 Optical properties of As-Se amorphous composites A. M. ANDRIESH, M. S. IOVU
20 Nano-heteromorphism, structure and relaxation in glassforming Ge-S system V. V. KALUGIN, V. S. MINAEV, S. P. TIMOSHENKOV, E. N. MARKOVA
21 Amorphous chalcogenide nano-multilayers: research and development S. KOKENYESI
22 Transient responses of photodarkening and photoinduced volume change in amorphous chalcogenide films K. SHIMAKAWA, Y. IKEDA
23 Dynamics of photodarkening in amorphous arsenic chalcogenide Y. SAKAGUCHI, K. TAMURA
24 Nanostructuring of chalcogenide glasses using electron beam lithography M. VLCEK, H. JAIN
25 Phase separation and ionic conductivity: an electric force microscopy investigation of silver chalcogenide glasses V. BALAN, A. PIARRISTEGUY, M. RAMONDA, A. PRADEL, M. RIBES
26 A programmable metallization cell based on Ag-As2S3 I. STRATAN, D. TSIULYANU, I. EISELE
27 Preparation of micro - and nanocrystalline CdSe and CdS thin films suitable for sensor applications D. NESHEVA, Z. ANEVA, S. REYNOLDS, C. MAIN, A. G. FITZGERALD
28 Low melting glasses in the system SnF2-SnCl2-PbO-P2O5 V. DIMA, P. BALTĂ, M. EFTIMIE, V. ISPAS
29 Optical properties of ZnO nanocrystallites embedded in a gold-oxide matrix A. GOLDENBLUM, A. BELU MARIAN, V. TEODORESCU
30 Electron spectroscopy of nanocrystalline diamond surfaces J. ZEMEK, J. HOUDKOVA, B. LESIAK, A. JABLONSKI, J. POTMESIL, M. VANECEK
31 The free energy functional for a spin singlet ferromagnetic superconductor G. CIOBANU, F. MOSCALU
32 Radiation power spectral distribution of the system of electrons moving in a spiral in vacuum A. V. KONSTANTINOVICH, I. A. KONSTANTINOVICH
33 Nonlinear properties of chalcogenide glass fibers J. S. SANGHERA, I. D. AGGARWAL, L. B. SHAW, C. M. FLOREA, P. PUREZA, V. Q. NGUYEN, F. KUNG, I. D. AGGARWAL
34 Quantum confinement modeling of electrical and optical processes in nanocrystalline silicon M. L. CIUREA, V. IANCU, I. STAVARACHE
35 Phase-change optical recording: the role of confinement A. V. KOLOBOV, J. HAINES, A. PRADEL, M. RIBES, P. FONS, J. TOMINAGA
36 Self-organization in amorphous semiconductors and chalcogenide glasses MIHAI POPESCU