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Volume 4, No. 3, September 2002 - full papers


  Scientific and Technological Researches

Disordered semiconductors: the mott-anderson localisation

I. Solomon

Equilibrium hopping conductivity in disordered materials

V. I. Arkhipov, E. V. Emelianova, P. Heremans, G. J. Adriaenssens

A simultaneous experimental determination of the distribution and character of the two band tails in disordered semiconductors

 I. Balberg

Properties of midgap states in doped amorphous silicon and carbon

K. Kádas, S. Kugler

Mediation of light-induced metastable defect formation in hydrogenated amorphous silicon by interstitial hydrogen and voids

C. Longeaud

Structural characteristics and structural modifications of non-crystalline semiconductors

A. Popov

Enthalpic relaxation and the glass transition

Z. Cernošek, J. Holubová, E. Cernošková, M. Liška
8 Wrong bond in glasses: a comparative study on oxides and chalcogenides K. Tanaka
9 Structural properties of a-SiOx layers deposited by reactive sputtering technique N. Tomozeiu, J. J. van Hapert, E. E. van Faassen, W. Arnoldbik, A. M. Vredenberg, F. H. P. M. Habraken
10 On silicon allotropy A. F. Khokhlov, A. I. Mashin
11 Neutral atomic centers in amorphous systems W. M. Pontuschka
12 Electronic and vibrational properties of hydrogenated amorphous silicon nitride Shu-Ya Lin
13 Electronic Transport Properties in a-Si:H, mc-Si:H and mc-SiGe:H films studied by traveling wave method K. Chen, S. Huang, J. Xu, X. Huang, H. Fritzsche, A. Matsuda, G. Ganguly
14 Electron spin resonance of band-edge modulated amorphous hydrogenated silicon nitride films K. Morigaki, M.Yamaguchi, C. Ogihara, Y. Fujita
15 Theoretical prediction for realization of spectra-controllable high-efficient photoluminescent devices by means of silicon nanostructures F. Yonezawa, K. Nishio, J. Koga, T. Yamaguchi
16 A model of organic thin film electroluminescence A. Kukhta, E. Kolesnik, M. Taoubi, V. Galkin
17 Analytical treatment of the three-dimensional model  of stimulated Brillouin scattering with axial symmetric pump wave  V.I. Vlad, V. Babin, A. Mocofanescu
18 Dynamics of photodarkening in amorphous chalcogenides A. Ganjoo, K. Shimakawa
19 Structure of As2S3 glass in electronically excited states T. Uchino
20 Compositional dependence of the photoinduced phenomena in thin chalcogenide films K. Petkov
21 Chalcogenide non-crystalline semiconductors in optoelectronics A. M. Andriesh, M. S. Iovu, S. D. Shutov
22 Investigation of chalcogenide glassy semiconductors in the Ben-Gurion University (Israel) V. M. Lyubin, M. L. Klebanov
23 Development and applications of chalcogenide glass optical fibers at NRL I. D. Aggarwal, J. S. Sanghera
24 Chalcogenide glasses in optical recording:recent progress A.V. Kolobov, J. Tominaga
25 Holographic recording in amorphous chalcogenide semiconductor thin films J. Teteris

Photosensitive properties of chalcogenide vitreous semiconductors in diffractive and holographic technologies applications

A. V. Stronski, M. Vlcek
27 Chalcogenide amorphous semiconductors:chemical modification or doping? E. Mytilineou
28 The effect of the addition of Ag and AgI on the density of defect states in a-Se  E. Mytilineou, T. Petkova, M. Skaperda
29 Photo-and thermally-induced diffusion and dissolution of Ag in chalcogenide glasses thin films T. Wagner 
30 Optical limiting behavior of infrared chalcogenide glasses J. Troles, F. Smektala, G. Boudebs, A. Monteil, B. Bureau, J. Lucas
31 Optical properties of glasses in the As2S3-AsSe0.5Te0.5I system S. J. Skuban, S. R. Lukic, I. O. Gúth, D. M. Petrovic
32 Stimulated interdiffusion and expansion in amorphous chalcogenide multilayers I. Ivan, A. Kikineshi
33 Multicomponent germanium chalcogenide glasses P. Petkov
34 Compositional trends in radiation-optical properties of chalcogenide glasses O. I. Shpotyuk, A. P. Kovalskiy
35 Superconductivity in chalcogenide glassy semiconductors K. D. Tsendin
36 Optical properties and persistent spectral hole burning of Eu3+ in Ge-Ga-S glass with alkali halides Woon Jin Chung, Jong Heo
37 Photo-induced shifts in the optical gap of a-Se thin films L. Tichý, H. Tichá, P. Nagels, R. Mertens
38 Pulsed breakdown of chalcogenide glassy semiconductor films E. N. Voronkov
39 Lead-cadmium oxyfluoride glasses and glass-ceramics M. A. P. Silva, V. Briois, M. Poulain, Y. Messaddeq, S. J. L. Ribeiro
40 Microfabrication of optically active InOx microstructures by ultrashort laser pulses D. G. Papazoglou, I. Zergioti, N. A. Vainos, C. Fotakis
41 Thin films of langasite (La3Ga5SiO14) prepared by pulsed laser deposition M. Popescu, F. Sava, S. Georgescu, L. Gheorghe, I. N. Mihailescu, R. Cristescu, G. Socol, H. Bradaczek