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Volume 7, No. 4, 2005 - full papers



Proceedings of ANC - 2, 2005


Ovonics: From Science to Products   (Ovshinsky Lecture)

D. Strand


Non-crystalline oxides and chalcogenides: a new paradigm based on ab initio quantum chemistry calculations for short range order and properties, and bond-constraint theory for network connectivity, network disruption and chemical phase separation

G. Lucovsky


A completely novel mechanism of metal-nonmetal transition in expanded selenium

F. Yonezawa, H. Ohtani, T. Yamaguchi


Structural and phase transformations in condensed selenium 

V. S. Minaev, S. P. Timoshenkov, V. V. Kalugin


Phase-change ovonic switching. A modelling investigation of the structural transition

M. Popescu, F. Sava, A. Anghel, A. Lörinczi, I. Kaban, W. Hoyer


Radiative recombination processes in chalcogenide glasses deduced by lifetime measurements over 11 decades

T. Aoki, D.Saito, K.Ikeda, S. Kobayashi, K.Shimakawa


Photo-oxidation of thermally evaporated As2S3 thin films

P. J. Allen, B. R. Johnson, B. J. Riley


Glasses of TeO2 – WO3 and TeO2 – WO3 – La2O3 systems for fiber optics

M. F. Churbanov, G. E. Snopatin, E. V. Zorin, S. V. Smetanin, E. M. Dianov, V. G. Plotnichenko, V. V. Koltashev, E. B. Kryukova, I. A. Grishin, G. G. Butsin


Recent progress in preparation of chalcogenide As-Se-Te glasses with low impurity content

V. S. Shiryaev, M. F. Churbanov, E. M. Dianov, V. G. Plotnichenko, J. -L.Adam, J. Lucas


Low-temperature steady-state photoconductivity in amorphous selenium films

N. Qamhieh, M. L. Benkhedir, M. Brinza, G. J. Adriaenssens


Electrical properties of plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposited germanium selenide films

N. Qamhieh, G. J. Adriaenssens


Optical gap and dc conductivity of disordered materials of (As2Se3)100-x(SbSI)x type

F. Skuban, S. R. Lukić, D. M. Petrović, I. Savić, Yu. S. Tveryanovich


X-ray absorption near edge structure of As2Se3 and As4Se4 thin amorphous films

M. Popescu, F. Sava, N. Aldea, Xie Yaning, Hu Tiandou, Liu Tao, M. Leonovici


Optical coatings based on non-crystalline films with transition substrate-film layers: SIMS and Auger profiles

A. V. Mitsa, I. V. Fekeshgazy, A. V. Ugrin


A study of thin amorphous (Ag)‑Sb‑S films prepared by thermal evaporation combined with optically induced diffusion and dissolution of silver

J. Gutwirth, T. Wágner, S. O. Kasap, M. Frumar


Influence of the electrical field on the formation process of holographic diffraction gratings (HDG) in vitreous chalcogenide semiconductors

A. M. Nastas, A. M. Andriesh, V. V. Bivol, A. M. Prisacari, G. M. Triduh


Light and ion induced interdiffusion in amorphous chalcogenide nanomultilayers

I. Ivan, D. L. Beke, S. Kokenyesi, I. A. Szabo, A. Csik


Size effects and lattice disorder in GeS2/CdSe nanostructures

D. Nesheva, Z. Levi, Z. Aneva


Defects induced by electron irradiation in CdSe thin films

L. Ion, V. A. Antohe, S. Antohe


Non-linear absorbtion of As2Sglasses at the critical light intensities and for technological modifications

I. V. Fekeshgazi, A. P. Klimenko, К. V. May, V. M. Мitsa


Temperature-dependent photoluminescence in Er-doped Ge-S-Ga glasses

Z. G. Ivanova, D. Tonchev, R. Ganesan, E. S. R. Gopal, S. O. Kasap


Disorder in GexAs40-xS60 glasses and films: an EXAFS study

E. Skordeva, M. Womes, P. E. Lippens, J. C. Jumas, D. Arsova


Production of TeO2-ZnO glasses by chemical vapor deposition from organo-metallic compounds

A. N. Moiseev, A. V. Chilyasov, V. V. Dorofeev, O. A. Vostrukhin, E. M. Dianov, B. G. Plotnichenko, V. V. Koltashev


Localized states model of GeS2 glasses based on electronic states of GenSm clusters calculated by using TD-DFT method

R. Holomb, V. Mitsa, P. Johansson


Geminate and non-geminate recombination in a-Si:H: Old questions and new experiments

W. Fuhs


Micro interferometer based on amorphous silicon nanosensor

E. Bunte, K. H. Jun, H. Stiebig


Focusing system based on chalcogenide microlenses attached to optical fibers

D. Savastru, S. Miclos, R. Savastru


Simulational analysis of glasses prepared via different interatomic potentials

Y. Sano, J. Kōga, F. Yonezawa


Molecular dynamics structure simulations of amorphous selenium prepared by different methods

J. Hegedüs, S. Kugler


On description of Coulomb effects caused by doping in amorphous and disordered organic semiconductors

S. D. Baranovskii, O. Rubel, P. Thomas


Photoluminescence property of transparent silica glass prepared from nanometer-sized silica particles

T. Yamada, T. Uchino


Superconducting properties of negative-U centers materials: chalcogenides, cuprate oxides and fullerides

K. D. Tsendin


Absorption and photoluminescence properties of CdS:Mn2+: Cu+ nanostructures

M. Sima, I. Enculescu, V. Ghiordanescu, L. Mihut


Characterization of CdTe thin films prepared by stacked layer method

G. G. Rusu, M. Rusu, E. K. Polychroniadis, C. Lioutas


Optical properties of ternary chalcogenide thin films WITH SnTe

P. Petkov, V. Vassilev, T. Petkova, B. Monchev, L. Aljihmani


Atomic scale structure of Ge30As4S66       

F. Sava, A. Anghel, I. Kaban, W. Hoyer, M. Popescu


Partial pair correlation functions of amorphous and liquid Ge15Te85

I. Kaban, P. Jóvári, W. Hoyer


Structural properties of liquid K-Te alloys

G. Tezgor , S. S. Dalgic, U. Domekeli


Calculations of atomic dynamics in simple liquid metals

S. Dalgic, M. Colakogullari, S. S. Dalgic


The liquid structure of CdTe alloy using the ameam potentials

S. Senturk Dalgıc, S. Sengul, S. Kalaycı


Anomalous conductivity in Au-doped chalcogenide glassy semiconductors

A. A. Babaev, I. K. Kamilov, S. B. Sultanov, A. M. Askhabov, P. P. Khokhlachev


Optical constants of electron-irradiated As2S3  chalcogenide glasses

I. I. Shpak, M. Kranjčec, I. P. Studenyak


Electrical and optical properties of SbxS1–x alloys

T. Shchurova, N. Savchenko, V. M. Rubish, V. V. Rubish, A. Spesivykh, I. Opachko


Fullerene and nanotubes based on arsenic networks. A modeling study

S. Zamfira, M. Popescu, F. Sava


High field conduction in a- Se70Te30-xCdx thin films: applicability of Meyer-Neldel rule

V. S. Kushwaha, N. Mehta, N. Kushwaha, A. Kumar


Electric field effect on the binding energy of a non-hydrogenic donor impurity in a square quantum well wire

S. Dalgic, M. Ulaş, B. Ozkapi


Structure of less simple liquid alloys: Agx-In1-x

H. Kes, S. S. Dalgic, S. Dalgic


Semi-empirical potentials for CuI

S. S. Dalgic, H. Gurbuz, M. Caliskan, O. Ozgec


Effect of bismuth on the electrical properties of a-Ge20Se80 glasses

G. Singh, J. Sharma, A. Thakur, N. Goyal, G. S. S. Saini, S. K. Tripathi


Calculation of optical parameters of a-Ge-Se-Sn thin films

A. Thakur, V. Sharma, G. S. S. Saini, N. Goyal, S. K. Tripathi


Preparation and characterization of SnSe nanocrystalline thin films

J. Sharma, G. Singh, A. Thakur, G. S. S. Saini, N. Goyal, S. K. Tripathi


Irradiation effects on the optical properties of a-Ge-Se-Ag thin films

S. K. Tripathi, A. Thakur, G. Singh, J. Sharma, V. Sharma, K. P. Singh, G. S. S. Saini, N. Goyal


Transient photoconductivity in Se85-xTe15Inx thin films

V. Sharma, A. Thakur, N. Goyal, G. S. S. Saini, S. K. Tripathi


AIIBVI photoresistances by sintering-sublimation technics

I. Nazarenco, J. Jaklovszky, V. Ghiordănescu, B. A. Sava, I. Albeanu, M. Dumitrescu, D. Ulieru


Homage to Academician Margareta Giurgea


New exotic negative ions of In and Ga in KCl crystals

V. Topa, E. Apostol


Laser induced soliton waveguides in lithium niobate crystals for guiding femtosecond light pulses

A. Petris, A. Bosco, V. I. Vlad, E. Fazio, M. Bertolotti


Embedding Jacobsen manganese(III) salen complex into nanoporous molecular sieves: spectroscopic characterisation of host-guest interactions

L. Frunza, I. Zgura, I. Nicolaie, A. Dittmar, H. Kosslick, R. Fricke


Peculiar orientation of nematic liquid crystals on rubbed polyvinylimidazole

S. Frunza, T. Beica, R. Moldovan, I. Zgura, L. Frunza


SiO2 - like thin films generation in corona discharges in air at atmospheric pressure: IR spectroscopy and atomic force microscopy investigations

A. Groza, A. Surmeian, M. Ganciu, R. Medianu, I. I. Popescu


Surface-enhanced Raman scattering, photoluminescence and viscosity studies on C60 aggregates in n-methyl-2-pyrrolidinone

I. Baltog, L. Mihut, M. Baibarac, N. Preda, T. Velula, S. Lefrant


Surface enhanced Raman scattering and photoluminescence studies on single-walled carbon nanotubes submitted to non-hydrostatic compression

M. Baibarac, I. Baltog, L. Mihut, N. Preda, T. Velula, C. Godon, J. Y. Mevellec, J. Wéry, S. Lefrant


Absorption spectroscopy with intense pulsed calibrated source

A. Surmeian, C. Diplasu, A. Groza, R. Stoian, M. Ganciu, I.-Iovitz Popescu

63 Disordered chalcogenide optoelectronic materials: phenomena and applications M. Popescu