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Volume 2, No. 5, 2000 - full papers




Section 1:  Single crystal materials

1 Real-time observation of microstructure fabrication by microprobe-RHEED/SEM installed in MBE chamber (Plenary lecture T. Nishinaga
2 Crystal growth process engineering (Plenary lecture) T. Duffar
3 Crystal growth of organic soft materials in template-controlling systems (Invited paper) K. Sato, S. Ueno, J. Yano
4 Crystal structure, crystal growth and optical properties of phases in the ternary systemsLi2O-M2O3-B2O3(M=Ln,Y) J. P. Chaminade, V. Jubera, A. Garcia, P. Gravereau, C. Fouassier
5 Optical characterization and laser damage threshold of rapidly grown KDT crystals I. M. Pritula, M. I. Kolybayeva, V. I. Salo, Y. N. Velikhov
6 Far infrared and transport properties of single crystal PBTE samples doped with Ce P. M. Nikolic, K. T. Radulovic, S. S. Vujatovic, D. Vasiljevic-Radovic, S. đuric, V. Blagojevic, P. Mihajlovic, D. Uroševic, Z. Dohcevic-Mitrovic, O. Jakšic
7 The effect of heat treatment on the surface condition of nanodiamond G. P. Bogatyreva, M. M. Voloshin, V. G. Malogolovets, V. L. Gvyazdovskaya, G. D. Ilnitskaya
8 Numerical simulation of the flow field in shaped crystal growth process O. Bunoiu, T. Duffar, F. Theodore, J. L. Santailler, I. Nicoara
9 Thermo-hydrodynamic transient modeling of vertical Bridgman growth C. Stelian, J. L. Plaza, F. Barvinschi, T. Duffar, J. L. Santailler, E. Dieguez, I. Nicoara
10 Crystal growth and electrical properties of TeO2 single crystals C. Neamtu, Al. Darabont, E. Surducan, Gh. Borodi
11 Characterization of DACIA synthetic diamond for sawing application M. Balint, N. Dinciu, M. Fecioru, G. Baluta

  Section 2:  Organic materials

1 Electrical and photoelectrical properties of the single and multi-layer organic photovoltaic cells (Invited paper) S. Antohe
2 Hybrid organic-inorganic crystals for quadratic nonlinear optics (Invited paper) J. Zaccaro, A. Ibanez
3 Semiconducting polymers with rotaxane architecture A. Farcas, M. Grigoras
4 Transparent layers of AZO – conjugated polymers: preparation and opto-electrical properties D. Timpu, V. Barboiu, A. Airinei, E. Rusu
5 Some optical investigations on crystalline doped meta-dinitrobenzene A. Stanculescu, F. Stanculescu

  Section 3:  Ceramic materials

1 Interphase boundaries in engineering ceramics (Invited paper) K. M. Knowles
2 Synthesis of bismuth (III) oxide from oxalate:a study by controlled transformation rate thermal analysis (CRTA) E. Diez, O. Monnereau, L. Tortet, G. Vacquier, P. Llewellin, F. Rouquerol

Wet-chemical methods for the synthesis of strontium doped LaCrO3 ceramic powders

D. Berger, V. Fruth, P. Nita, I. Jitaru
4 Reaction mechanisms of tialite formation in the presence of mineralizers M. Preda, A. Ianculescu, M. Crisan, A. Jitianu, D. Crisan, M. Zaharescu

  Section 4:  Semiconductors

1 Thick films of polycrystalline mercury iodide detectors (Invited paper) M. Schieber, H. Hermon, A. Zuck, A. Vilensky, L. Melekhov, R. Shatunovsky, E. Meerson, H. Saado, E. Pinkhasy
2 Radiation hardness of silicon detectors for applications in high-energy physics experiments E. Fretwurst, M. Kuhnke, G. Lindstr÷m, M. Moll
3 Characterization of the electrical transport properties of GaAs-n determined by magnetoresistance measurements V. Ciupina

  Section 5:  Dielectrics (ferroelectrics)

1 The influence of cadmium salt anion on the growth mechanism and on the physical properties of CdS thin films E. Pentia, L. Pintilie, I. Pintilie, T. Botila
2 Structural and optical characterization of Nb-doped PZT 65/35 thin films grown by sol-gel and laser ablation techniques I. Boerasu, M. Pereira, M. J. M. Gomes, M. I. C. Ferreira

Section 6: Nano-structured materials

1 Magnetic interaction and magnetoresistance in nanoscale melt-spun materials (Invited paper) B. Idzikowski

TiO2 – based nanostructured sol-gel coatings for water treatment

M. Zaharescu, M. Crisan, A. Szatvanyi, M. Gartner
3 Enhancement of photoluminescence intensity of CdS (Se) nanocrystal thin films S. A. Filonovich, Yu. P. Rakovich, A. G. Rolo, M. V. Artemyev, G. Hungerford, M. I. Vasilevskiy, M. J. M. Gomes, J. F. A. Ferreira
4 Recrystallization phenomena during high energy ball milling G. Nicoara, N. Popescu-Pogrion, V. Husar
5 Magnetic and structural properties of g - Fe2O3 nanoparticles dispersed in a silica matrix I. Hrianca, C. Caizer, C. Savii, M. Popovici
6 Properties of metal clusters embedded in KCl matrix S. Polosan, E. Apostol, V. Topa

Section 7: Non-crystalline materials

1 Generation of coherent phonon pulses by hot electrons in non-crystalline semiconductors (Invited paper) A. M. Andriesh, N. A. Enaki, V. I. Koroli, I. P. Culeac, V. I. Ciornea
2 Paracrystallinity (Invited paper) H. Bradaczek, G. Hildebrandt, M. Popescu
3 Electrical properties of LPCVD polysilicon deposited in the vicinity of amorphous-polycrystalline phase N. Tomozeiu, S. Antohe, M. Modreanu
4 a.c. electrical conduction in As2Te2.8Si3.2 bulk glass M. Leonovici
5 The effect of ultraviolet radiation on the structure of non-crystalline chalcogenides M. Popescu, F. Sava, A. Lorinczi, M.S. Iovu, S. Shutov, W. Hoyer, H. Bradaczek
6 On the Hall effect and magnetoresistance of Co66.25Fe4.5Si12.25B15Mo2 amorphous and crystallized ribbons H. Chiriac, M. Lozovan, M. Neagu

Section 8:  Composite materials

1 High-Tc super conductor oxide/oxide composite materials: a review and some results in the system"Bi-based HTS cuprates / insulating oxides" (Invited paper) G. Vacquier, H. Nadifi, A. Ouali, C. Grigorescu, O. Monnereau, L. Tortet, C. Boulesteix

Section 9: Thin films and multilayers

1 Characterization of ITO thin films prepared by spinning deposition starting from a sol-gel process T. F. Stoica, T. A. Stoica, M. Zaharescu, M. Popescu, F. Sava, N. Popescu-Pogrion, L. Frunza
2 Preparation and properties of Ce-doped BaTiO3 thin films by R.F. sputtering M. Cernea, M. Iliescu, I. Matei, A. Iuga, C. Logofatu
3 On the galvanomagnetic and structural properties of granular (CoNi)x-(SiO2)1-x thin films H. Chiriac, M. Urse, M. Lozovan, A. E. Moga
4 Investigations of diamond layers growth on steel G. Negrea, G. Vermesan

Section 10: Special topics

1 Structure anisotropy of high-temperature superconductors: Resistance peak effect (Invited paper) C. Buzea, T. Yamashita
2 A device for critical current measurement in high-Tc ceramic superconductors I. Bradea, G. Aldica
3 Magneto-thermoelectric alloys obtained by electrodeposition M. Nedelcu, M. Sima, G. Aldica, E. Apostol