last update: 31 Oct 2003

Volume 5, No. 3, September 2003 - full papers



Section 1. Organic and hybrid materials


Silica-mounted FTIR-active organometalcarbonyl derivatives as functional materials

C. E. Anson, T. J. Baldwin, N. J. Clayden, C. S. Creaser, O. Egyed, M. A. Fey, W. E. Hutchinson, A.  Kavanagh, G. R. Stephenson, P. I. Walker


Bulk crystal growth and characterization of semiorganic nonlinear optical materials

M. D. Aggarwal, J. Stephens, A. K. Batra, R. B. Lal


Influence of chain extender on the unperturbed dimensions of poly(ester-urethane)s

S. Ioan, D. Macocinschi, M. Lupu


Electrical conductivity measurements in the range of temperature induced conformatıonal transıtıons ın undoped and doped glassy poly (Phenyl Sulfone)

M. Serin, O. Cankurtaran, F. Yilmaz


Section 2. Single crystal materials


Step bunching and solution flow

A. A. Chernov


Influence of impurities on the growth kinetic of KDP

H. V. Alexandru, C. Berbecaru, R. C. Radulescu, F. Stanculescu, B. Logofatu


Mechanism of KDP growth from solution

H. V. Alexandru, C. Berbecaru, R. C. Radulescu


Hydrothermal synthesis and optical properties of calcite single crystals

I. V. Nefyodova, N. I. Leonyuk, I. A. Kamenskikh


Flux growth, morphology and composition of YAl3(BO3)4 crystals doped with Pr, Ho, Yb, Tm

E. V. Koporulina, O. V. Pilipenko, V. V. Maltsev, N. I. Leonyuk, A. V. Mokhov


Hydrothermal synthesis and morphology of eulytite-like single crystals

D. E. Kozhbakhteeva, N. I. Leonyuk

Structural features of fluoride-ion transport in Pb0.67Cd0.33F2 single crystals

V. Trnovcová, P. P. Fedorov, M. Ožvoldová, I. I. Buchinskaya, E. A. Zhurova

Fractal-like structures in the self-similar crystallization with a two-phase zone

D. V. Alexandrov, S. V. Bulitcheva, M. E. Komarovski, A. P. Malygin

Radiative recombination in electron-irradiated GaP crystals

A. V. Gomonnai, D. B. Goyer, O. O. Goushcha, Yu. M. Azhniuk, I. G. Megela, M. Kranjčec

Role of oxygen and carbon impurities in the radiation resistence of silicon detectors

S. Lazanu, I. Lazanu

On some mixed oxides in the system CaO-CdO-Bi2O3-Nb2O5. Cation distribution in a distorted aurivillius structure

M. L. Craus, I. Rusu, A. Rusu

Numerical simulations of the backscattering from a crystalline lattice

M. Ciobanu, V. Babin, D. N. Nicolae, C. Talianu, C. Morosanu

Section 3. Nucleation and nanocrystals


Direct synthesis of multi-walled and single‑walled carbon nanotubes by spray‑pyrolysis

L. P. Biró, Z. E. Horváth, A. A. Koós, Z. Osváth, Z. Vértesy, Al. Darabonta, K. Kertész, C. Neamţu, Zs. Sárközi, L. Tapasztó


Nanostructured carbon thin films deposition using Thermionic Vacuum Arc (TVA) technology

G. Musa, I. Mustata, M. Blideran, V. Ciupina, R. Vladoiu, G. Prodan, E. Vasile

Nanosized columnar microstructure and related properties of amorphous Al2O3 thin films

E. Krumov, V. Mankov, K. Starbova

Silica nanoparticles produced by thermal arc plasma. Modelling

E. Balabanova

Different properties of SiO2 nanostructures with different working gases

D. Coada, M. Nagl, Th. Lechlitner, H. Pulker

Fe2O3-SiO2 nanocomposites obtained by different sol-gel routes

M. Raileanu, M. Crisan, C. Petrache, D. Crisan M. Zaharescu


Isolated nanocrystals of indium in KCl crystals

S. Polosan, E. Apostol, E. Vasile, V. Topa

The influence of microstructure on compressive stress characteristics of the Finement-type nanocrystalline sensors

R. Szewczyk, A. Bieńkowski, J. Salach, E. Fazakas, L. K. Varga

Metastable phases and crystallization products in nanocrystalline Finemet-type alloys with RE addition

A. D. Crisan, J. M. LeBreton, O. Crisan, G. Filoti

Characterization of SbSI nanocrystals by electron microscopy, x-ray diffraction and raman scattering

I. M. Voynarovych, A. V. Gomonnai, A. M. Solomon, Yu. M. Azhniuk, A. A. Kikineshi, V. P. Pinzenik, M. Kis-Varga, L . Daroczy, V. V. Lopushansky

Synthesis of pure and doped lanthanum cobaltite by the combustion method

D. Berger, Nitte van Landschoot, C. Ionica, F. Papa, V. Fruth

Section 4. Ferroelectric materials


Infrared and Raman spectroscopy of some ferroelectric perovskite films and ceramics

J. Petzelt, T. Ostapchuk


Optical control of domain structures in lithium tantalate crystals

A. R. Poghosyan


The spontaneous relaxor-ferroelectric transition of TlInS2 with cationic impurities

A. Sardarli, I. M. Filanovsky, R. M. Sardarli, O. A. Samedov, I. Sh. Sadigov, A. I. Aslanov


Effect of thermal fluctuations on ferroelectric response dynamic hysteresis

I. Aulika, E. Klotins


Study of transparent ferroelectric thin films by optical reflectometry and ellipsometry

I. Aulika, V. Zauls, K. Kundzins, M. Kundzins, S. Katholy


Ferroelectric-semiconductors properties of BaTiO3 – based PTCR ceramics

L. Mitoseriu C. E. Fedor, M. Viviani, M. T. Buscaglia, V. Buscaglia, A. Testino, P. Nanni


Growth and properties of Pb(ZrxTi1-x)O3 step graded-structures

I. Boerasu, L. Pintilie, M. Pereira, M. J. M. Gomes, P. M. Vilarinho


The role of TiO in the perovskite nucleation and (111) orientation selection in sol-gel PZT layers

F. Vasiliu, G. J. Norga, L. Fe, D. Wounters, D. Van der Biest


Analysis of the dielectric constant data of relaxors within a landau-type theory

L. Mitoseriu, A. Stancu, C. E. Fedor


Features of photoluminescence and dielectric properties of glass – ferroelectric SbSI

A. A. Babaev, I. K. Kamilov, C. N. Kallaev, S. B. Sultanov, A. A. Amirova, A. M. Dzhabrailov