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Volume 7, No. 2, 2005 - full papers



Proceedings of ICPAM 7 - 2004

Invited Papers


Giant magnetoresistance in electrodeposited multilayer films. The influence of superparamagnetic regions

I. Bakonyi, L. Péter, V. Weihnacht, J. Tóth, L. F. Kiss, C. M. Schneider

Numerical simulation applied to chemical vapour deposition process. Rapid thermal CVD and spray CVD

A. Bouteville


Section 1. Processing and characterization


Ni,Zn/SiO2 ferrite nanocomposites prepared by an improved sol-gel method and their characterisation

M. Stefanescu, C. Caizer, M. Stoia, O. Stefanescu

Solute distribution in shaped sapphire crystals obtained by EFG method

O. Bunoiu, I. Nicoara, T. Duffar

Photo-induced transition from elastic to plastic behavior in amorphous As-Se films studied by nanoindentation

M. L. Trunov, S. N. Dub, R. S. Shmegera

Preparation of TiOx thin films by reactive pulsed-laser ablation

D. Luca

Synthesis of carbon nanotubes by spray pyrolysis and their investigation by electron microscopy

Al. Darabont, P. Nemes–Incze, K. Kertész,L. Tapasztó, A. A. Koós, Z. Osváth, Zs. Sárközi, Z. Vértesy, Z. E. Horváth, L. P. Biró

On the drawing in ultrasonic field of metallic wires with high mechanical resistance

M. Susan, L. Gh. Bujoreanu, D. G. Găluşcă, C. Munteanu, M. Mantu

Infrared absorption properties of amorphous carbon films

G. Lazar, K. Zellama, I. Vascan, M. Stamate, I. Lazar, I. Rusu

Molecular dynamics simulations of electronic properties of a-SiC/c-Si heterojunctions

V. I. Ivashchenko, P. E. A. Turchi, L. A. Ivashchenko

On the synthesis and characterization of polycrystalline GaSb suitable for thermophotovoltaic (TPV) applications

A. Mitric, Th. Duffar, A. Amariei, X. Chatzistavrou, E. Pavlidou, K. M. Paraskevopoulos, E. K. Polychroniadis

Thermal profile evaluation of a silicon wafer in the apparatus for rapid thermal chemical vapour deposition

M. Girtan, P. O. Logerais, L. Avril, F. Gonzzatti, A. Bouteville


Microchemical and mechanical characteristics of arc plasma deposited TiAlN and TiN/TiAlN coatings

M. Braic, V. Braic, M. Balaceanu, G. Pavelescu, A. Vladescu, I. Tudor, A. Popescu, Z. Borsos, C. Logofatu, C. C. Negrila

Section 2. Electron and transport properties


Dynamics of simultaneous measurements of Hall and magnetoresistance effects in liquid metals and semiconductors

M. Ogita, T. Ito, M. Isai, I. Mogi, S. Awaji, K. Yokoo

Negative glow plasma as a converter of electric energy into radiation

M. Toma

Investigations on the dynamics of a metalL-ferroelectric-semiconductor heterostructure

B. Mereu, M. Alexe, M. Diestelhorst, C. P. Cristescu, C. Stan

Influence of V2 O5 additions on the resistivity and dielectric properties of nickel-zinc ferrites

B. Parvatheeswara Rao, K. H. Rao, G. Sankaranarayana, A. Paduraru, O. F. Caltun

DC resistivity and dielectric studies on Ti4+ substituted Ni-Zn ferrites

B. Parvatheeswara Rao, K. H. Rao, T. Vasantha Rao, A. Paduraru, O. F. Caltun

On the electrical characteristics of vacuum evaporated indium selenide thin films

C. Viswanathan, G. G. Rusu, S. Gopal, D. Mangalaraj, Sa. K. Narayandass

Current – voltage studies on vacuum evaporated In70Se30 thin films

C. Viswanathan, G. G. Rusu, D. Mangalaraj, Sa. K. Narayandass, J. Yi


The Seebeck coefficient of TiO2 thin films

D. Mardare

Structural and electrical properties of antimony trisulfide thin films

N. Tigau, G. I. Rusu, V. Ciupina, G. Prodan, E. Vasile

Electrical properties of ZnSe Crystals doped with transition metals

A. N. Avdonin, G. V. Kolibaba, D. D. Nedeoglo, N. D. Nedeoglo, V. P. Sirkeli

Section 3. Magnetic properties


Pulsed laser deposition of Ni-Zn ferrite thin films

O. F. Caltun

EPR and magnetic investigations of chromium ions in TeO2 based glasses

I. Ardelean, S. Filip

The application of perturbational statistical theories to the investigation of the static magnetization of magnetic fluids

L. B. Popescu, V. Socoliuc, D. Bica, L. Vekas

Magnetic and electrical properties of [NiFe/SiO2]x N multilayer thin films

M. Urse, A- E. Moga, M. Grigoras, H. Chiriac


Section 4. Optical and photoelectrical properties


Photodarkening relaxation in amorphous As2Se3 films doped with rare-earth ions

M. S. Iovu, P. Boolchand, D. G. Georgiev

Optical and surface properties TiO2 thin films deposited by dc magnetron sputtering method

M. Stamate, I. Vascan, I. Lazar, G. Lazar, I. Caraman, M. Caraman

Radiative centers formed by halogen molecules intercalated in MoS2 and WS2 layered semiconductors

D. Dumchenko, C. Gherman, L. Kulyuk

Four-center resonance energy transfer in rare earth doped crystals

C. Candu, V. Ciobu, V. Enaki

The birefringence of thin films of some nematic liquid crystals

S. Picoş, G. Amarandei, I. Diaconu, D. Dorohoi

Electrical and photoelectrical properties of heterojunctions on the base of Cu(InGa)Se2

P. Ketrush, P. Gashin, V. Nikorich, V. Suman

Optical and photoelectric properties of propolis-layered semiconductor (p-InSe) heterojunction

S. I. Drapak, A. P. Bakhtinov, I. T. Drapak, Z. D. Kovalyuk, M. V. Tovarnitsky

Bistable optic modulators made from monocrystalline layers GaSe (Cu)

M. Caraman, E. Cuculescu, I. Evtodiev

On the photomagnetic effect in CdTe thin films evaporated onto unheated substrates

G. G. Rusu, M. Rusu, M. Caraman

On the optical properties of polycrystalline CdSe thin films

C. Baban, G. I. Rusu, P. Prepelita

On the electrical and optical characteristics of CdO thin films

R. S. Rusu, G. I. Rusu

On the electronic transport and optical properties of ZnTe thin films

G. I. Rusu, P. Prepelita, N. Apetroaei, G. Popa

Infrared luminescence of gold-doped ZnSe crystals

A. N. Avdonin, G. N. Ivanova, G. V. Kolibaba, D. D. Nedeoglo, N. D. Nedeoglo, V. P. Sirkeli

Polyethyleneterephthalate (PET) film interaction with low energy oxygen ions

M. Gheorghiu, M. Aflori, D. Dorohoi, G. Popa

Self-organization scenario relevant for nanoscale science and technology

M. Sanduloviciu, D. G. Dimitriu, L. M. Ivan, M. Aflori, C. Furtuna, S. Popescu, E. Lozneanu


Section 5. Low-dimensional structures


Magnetism and magnetoresistance in electrodeposited (L10) CoPt superlattices

V. Georgescu, M. Daub

formation of mns clusters into laumontite zeolite

F. Iacomi, A. Vasile, E. Pavlidou, K. M. Paraskevopoulos, N. Varoutzis, Ch. Lioutas, E. K. Polychroniadis

Ni nanowires electrodeposited in single ion track templates

M. Daub, I. Enculescu , R. Neumann, R. Spohr

Multiplasmon laser gain spectra of quantum wells

A. A. Klyukanov, V. Gurau

Nonlinear vibrations of a nano sized sensor with fractional damping

Gh. E. Drăgănescu, N. Cofan, D. L. Rujan


Optical behavior of multilayered CdTe/Cu thin films deposited by stacked layer method

G. G. Rusu, M. Rusu

Section 6. Functional materials. Applications


Oxygen sensor based on Ga2O3 films operating at high temperature

C. Baban, Y. Toyoda, M. Ogita

Un-stirred layers at the biomembrane-aqueous solution interfaceevidenced by ion transport measurements through pore-forming proteins

T. Luchian

Photoelectrical properties of heterojunctions connected with Van-der-Waals forces

Z. D. Kovalyuk, V. M. Katerynchuk, O. M. Sydor

A model of humidity sensor with a Mg-based ferrite

N. Rezlescu, E. Rezlescu, P. D. Popa, F. Tudorache

On the possibility of the use of a nickel ferrite as semiconducting gas sensor

N. Iftimie, E. Rezlescu, P. D. Popa, N. Rezlescu

Photoinduced bactericidal activity of TiO2 thin films obtained by radiofrequency magnetron sputtering deposition

C. Miron, A. Roca, S. Hoisie, P. Cozorici, L. Sirghi

properties of polyurethane thin films

I. Diaconu, D. Dorohoi

Fluorescence properties of the polyurethane with anchored stilbene chromophore

G. Strat, E. Buruiana, T. Buruiana, V. Pohoata, M. Strat

Photocromic properties of some diazobenzene copolymers in solutions

I. Grecu, G. Strat, S. Gurlui, M. Strat

Regular Papers


Temperature distribution in D. C. Joule-heated amorphous magnetic materials

I. Aştefănoaei, D. Radu, H. Chiriac

Study of a-Si:H tail state distributions through analytical multiple-trapping modelling

E. V. Emelianova, M. Brinza, V. I. Arkhipov, G. J. Adriaenssens

Mathematical modeling of spectral characteristics of optical coatings with slightly inhomogeneous chalcogenide films

A. Mitsa, V. Mitsa, A. Ugrin

Preparation and properties of langasite and YAG amorphous films

M. Popescu, F. Sava, A. Lorinczi, M. Stegarescu, S. Georgescu, I. N. Mihailescu, G. Socol, D. Stanoi, L. Daroczi, A. Kokenyesi, M. Leonovici, D. Wagner

Experiments on pulsed laser deposition and characterization of epitaxially in-situ grown YBa2Cu3O7-x thin films

M. Branescu, V. S. Teodorescu, G. Socol, I. Balasz, C. Ducu, J. Jaklovszky

YBa2Cu3O7-d:Li superconductor system investigated by direct microwave absorption method

M. Velter-Stefanescu, O. G. Duliu, V. Sandu

Time-resolved spectroscopic study of a pulsed electron beam ablation plasma

M. Nistor, F. Gherendi, M. Magureanu, N. B. Mandache

On the relaxation mechanism of some radiation induced free radicals in polymers 

M. Velter-Stefanescu, O. G. Duliu, N. Preda

Investigation of nanophase separation in glassy As40Se60 using Raman scattering and ab initio calculations

N. Mateleshko, V. Mitsa, M. Veres, M. Koos


Refractive indices determination of a new nematic liquid crystal

I. Palarie, C. Florea

On absorption spectra of CoCl2/acetone systems

G. Stanescu, Ath. Trutia

Effect of piperazine group in side-chain azobenzene polymer on second-order optical nonlinearity by all-optical poling

B. Guo, J. Liu, Y. J. Jia, G. M. Wang, Q. J. Zhang

Autofluorescence spectroscopy of malignant tissue

J. Zavadil, D. Lezal, L. Horak, V. Duchac, M. Prochazka

Three-dimensional measurement and defect detection based on single image

L. Song, X. Qu, K. Xu, L. Lv

Birefringence grating within a single mode polymer optical fibre with photosensitive core of azobenzene copolymer

Z. Li, H. Ma, Q. Zhang, H. Ming

Characterisation of a q-switched TEM00 Nd:YAG laser for processing single and polycrystalline diamonds

S. K. Sudheer, V. P. Mahadevan Pillai, V. U. Nayar

Calculation of some spectroscopic parameters of LiNbO3:Er3+optical waveguides

N. N. Puscas, A. Ducariu, G. C. Constantin, D. Dinu

Spread spectrum colour video watermarking in the DCT domain

M. Mitrea, F. Pręteux, A Vlad

m-X-ray computer axial tomography application in life sciences

I. Tiseanu, T. Craciunescu, N. B. Mandache, O. G. Duliu

Determination of the diffusion coefficients for ternary systems by gosting diffusiometer. Apparatus and method

D. Buzatu,  E. Petrescu, C. Popa, F. D. Buzatu

Lidar calibrated satellite sensed primary production in the Southern Ocean

R. Barbini, F. Colao, R. Fantoni, L. Fiorani, I. G. Okladnikov, A. Palucci

Technical notes


Microspheres, planoconvex microlenses and optical fibres based on glassy As2S3

M. Popescu, F. Sava, A. Lorinczi, D. Savastru, S. Miclos, R. Savastru

Optospectral system for the quantification of optical parameters of old paper

E. Darvasi, S. Stirban, A. Stirban, M. Ursu, D. Gomoiescu, M. Chintoanu

Trimorph actuation based on shape memory alloys

C. M. Crăciunescu, I. Mihalca, V. Budău

Imprint lithography on Poly(2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate), (PHEMA),  and epoxydised  novolac, (EPN) polymers

F. A. Zacharatos, A. Olziersky, I. Raptis, E. Hristoforou