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Volume 4, No. 4, 2002 - full papers


Research Papers

1 Electronic structure, amorphous morphology and thermal stability of transition metal oxide and chalcogenide alloys G. Lucovsky
2 Current understanding of photoinduced volume and bandgap changes in amorphous chalcogenides K. Shimakawa, A. Ganjoo
3 Photoinduced changes of structure and properties of amorphous binary and ternary chalcogenides M. Frumar, Z. Cernošek, J. Jedelsky, B. Frumarová, T. Wagner
4 The charged defect exists? Ke. Tanaka
5 Atomic and electronic structures of glassy GexSe1-x around the stiffness threshold composition S. Hosokawa
6 Physical properties of doped chalcogenide glassy semiconductors which are governed by the interaction of negative-U defects and impurity states K. D. Tsendin
7 Transient and metastable photodarkening in amorphous chalcogenides A. Ganjoo, K. Shimakawa

New Ag-containg amorphous chalcogenide thin films-prospective materials for rewriteable optical memories

T. Wágner, M. Frumar, S. O. Kasap, Mir. Vlcek, Mil. Vlcek
9 Polymorphous-crystalloid structure and relaxation processes in some chalcogenide glass-forming substances V. S. Minaev
10 Microparacrystalline model for medium-range order in non-crystalline chalcogenides M. Popescu, H. Bradaczek
11 Influence of the integration limits on the shape of pair correlation functions of non-crystalline materials W. Hoyer, I. Kaban, Th. Halm
12 Interaction of polarized light with chalcogenide glasses V. Lyubin, M. Klebanov
13 Modelling of the structure and structural transformations in amorphous chalcogenides M. Popescu
14 On the changes in the structural and optical properties accompanying the athermal photovitrification phenomenon in As50Se50 thin films R. Prieto-Alcón, J. M. González-Leal, R. Jiménez-Garay, E. Márquez
15 Raman investigation of structural photoinduced irreversible changes of Ga10Ge25S65 chalcogenide glasses S. H. Messaddeq, M. Siu Li, D. Lezal, Y. Messaddeq, S. J. L Ribeiro, L. F. C. Oliveira, J. M. D. A. Rollo

UV irradiation effects in pure and tin-doped amorphous AsSe films

M. Popescu, M. Iovu, W. Hoyer, O. Shpotyuk, F. Sava, A. Lorinczi
17 Laser pulse effects in se-s glassy thick films D. Savastru, R. Savastru, L. Ion, M. Popescu
18 Light induced changes in the optical properties of thin As - S - Ge(Bi, Tl) films R. Todorov, K. Petkov
19 Effect of oblique deposition on optical and electrical properties of As2 S3 and As2Se3 P. P. K. Shishodia, R. M. Mehra
20 Peculiarities of g -induced optical effects in ternary systems of amorphous chalcogenide semiconductors A. Kovalskiy
21 Radiation defects in amorphous As-Ge-S studied by positron annihilation techniques O. I. Shpotyuk, J. Filipecki, R. Ya. Golovchak, A. P. Kovalskiy, M. Hyla
22 Glassy transformation and structural change in Ge2Sb2Te5 studiedby impedance measurements E. Morales-Sánchez, J. González-Hernández, E. Prokhorov
23 Thermally-induced structural changes in copper-containing chalcogenide thin films S. R. Lukic, D. M. Petrovic, N. Cvejic, A. F. Petrovic, F. Skuban
24 High-purity glasses based on arsenic chalcogenides M. F. Churbanov, I. V. Scripachev, G. E. Snopatin, V. S. Shiryaev, V. G. Plotnichenko
25 Optical and mechanical characteristics of fibers made of arsenic chalcogenides

I. V. Scripachev, M. F. Churbanov, V. V. Gerasimenko, G. E. Snopatin, V. S. Shiryaev, A. A. Pushkin, I. E. Fadin, V. G. Plotnichenko, Yu. N. Pyrkov

26 Opto-mechanical effect in chalcogenide glasses M. Stuchlik, P. Krecmer, S.R. Elliott
27 Waveguides based upon chalcogenide glasses V. Balan, C. Vigreux, A. Pradel, M. Ribes
28 Chalcogenide fibre displacement sensor S. Miclos, T. Zisu
29 Light-stimulated structural transformations and optical recording in amorphous nano-layered structures A. Kikineshi
30 Formation of profiled holographic diffraction gratings using physicochemical interaction in As2Se3-Ag system M. V. Sopinskyy, P. F. Romanenko, I. Z. Indutnyy, E. F. Venger
31 Effective holographic record on thin films of chalcogenide semiconductors V. Vlasov
32 Evanescent – wave recording in very thin layers S. Sainov, J. Dikova, R. Stoycheva -Topalova
33 Holographic recording in nano-sized As2S3 films S. Sainov, V. Sainov, J. Dikova
34 Resemblance of laser light and electric field information recordings on chalcogenide glassy semiconductors K. D. Tsendin, E. A. Lebedev, Young-Ho Kim, In-Jong Yoo, E. G.Kim
35 Time-of-flight technique for investigation of amorphous chalcogenides and barrier structures on their base S. P. Vikhrov, N. V. Vishnyakov, A. A. Maslov, V. G. Mishustin
36 Features of physicochemical interaction in thin-film system on the base of arsenic trisulphide and copper M. V. Sopinskyy, M. T. Kostyshin
37 Preparation and properties of non-crystalline glasses in the system Se-I S. Zamfira, D. Ursutiu
38 Structure and properties of chalcogenide glasses in the system (As2S3)1-x(Sb2S3)x F. Sava
39 Compositional dependence of the optical properties of the Ge–Se-Ga glasses Y. Nedeva, T. Petkova, E. Mytilineou, P. Petkov
40 Photoelectret properties and high-field polarization in chalcogenide glasses and thin films E. Skordeva
41 Spectroscopic studies of bulk As2S3 glasses and amorphous films doped with Dy, Sm and Mn

M. S. Iovu, S. D. Shutov, A. M. Andriesh, E. I. Kamitsos, C. P. E. Varsamis, D. Furniss, A. B. Seddon, M. Popescu

42 Donor and acceptor-like center revealing by photoconductivity of amorphous thin As2Se3 films A. M. Andriesh, V. I. Verlan
43 Homogeneity threshold in sulphur rich Ge-S glasses Z. Cernošek, J. Holubová, E. Cernošková, M. Frumar
44 Thermal properties of As-S glasses in the glass transition region E. Cernošková, Z. Cernošek, J. Holubová, M. Frumar
45 Carrier type reversal in Pb´ Ge42-´ Se58 and Pb20GeySe80-y glasses exhibited in thermal diffusivity measurements R. Ganesan, B. Thangaraju, K. S. Sangunni, E. S. R. Gopal
46 Photoconductivity and transport properties of As-Se thin films M. A. Iovu, M. S. Iovu, S. D. Shutov, E. P. Colomeyco, S. Z. Rebeja
47 Optical and electrical properties of amorphous (GeS2)100-xGax thin films Z. G. Ivanova, P. Petkov, V. S. Vassilev
48 Extended X-Ray absorption fine structure study on Bi modified GeS bulk glasses G. Saffarini, J. M. Saiter, A. Zumailan
49 Correlation between mechanical parameters for amorphous chalcogenide films T. N. Shchurova, N. D. Savchenko
50 Research of a microplasma breakdown in thin films of glassy semiconductors A. R. Fairushin
51 New chalcogenide glasses in the GeSe2-As2Se3-CdTe system S. V. Boycheva, V. S. Vassilev, P. Petkov
52 X-ray excited luminescence and X-ray irradiation effect on CdS1-xSex nanocrystas optical absorption A. V. Gomonnai, A. M. Solomon, Yu. M. Azhniuk, M. Kranjcec, V. V. Lopushansky, I. G. Megela
53 Variation of CdS1-xSex nanocrystal parameters under hydrostatic pressure V. S. Shusta, A. V. Gomonnai, A. G. Slivka, O. I. Gerzanich, Yu. M. Azhniuk, V. V. Lopushansky
54 Visible light emission from Cd1-xMnxS nanocrystals V. Ghiordanescu, M. Sima, M. N. Grecu, L. Mihut
55 Chemically prepared nanocrystalline PbS thin films E. Pentia, L. Pintilie, I. Matei, T. Botila, E. Ozbay
56 Ideas concerning the non-crystalline materials obtainment by melt undercooling P. Balta
57 Structural calculations for amorphous systems using structural diffusion model Seyfettin Dalgýç, Serap Dalgýç, N. Talip, I. Oruç
58 Possible high temperature superconductivity in chalcogenide glassy semiconductors K. D. Tsendin, A. V. Prihod'ko, B. P. Popov
59 Theoretical possibility of increasing of superconductivity transition temperature in high temperature superconductors by replacing oxygen with chalcogen K. D. Tsendin, D. V. Denisov
60 Photosensitivity in antimony based glasses M. Nalin, Y. Messaddeq, S. J. L. Ribeiro, M. Poulain, V. Briois
61 Thermo and photoluminescence of silicate laser glass doped with neodymium B. Grigoras, M. Cerchez, L. Ionescu, M. Secu, L. Matei, A. Trutia
62 Analysis of a-SiO2/ a-Si multilayer structures by ion beam methods and electron spin resonance N. Tomozeiu, J. J. van Hapert, W. M. Arnoldbik, E. E. van Faassen, A. M. Vredenberg, F. H. P. M. Habraken
63 Characterization of the Sb2O3 thin films by X -ray scattering C. Gheorghies, L. Gheorghies
64 Optical and electrical properties of as-deposited LPCVD SiOx Ny thin films M. Modreanu, Mariuca Gartner, N.Tomozeiu, A. Szekeres