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Volume 4, No. 2, 2002 - full papers



Proceedings of the International Workshop on Amorphous
and Nanostructured Magnetic Materials - ANMM - 2001


Crystalline and amorphous soft magnetic materials and their applications – status of art and challenges

H. Gavrila, V. Ionita
2 High temperature magnetic behaviour of iron-based nanocrystalline alloys N. Randrianantoandro, I. Labaye, L. Berger, O. Crisan, M. Grafoute, F. Calvayrac, J.-M. Greneche
3 Magnetic properties of (Fe,Co)-(Al,Ga,Si)-(B,C,P) alloys with large supercooled liquid region: influence of preparation conditions and heat treatment S. Roth, H. Grahl, J. Degmova, N. Schlorke-de Boer, M. Stoica, J. M. Borrego, A. Conde, N. M. Mitrovic, J. Eckert
4 Bulk amorphous magnetic materials N. Lupu, H. Chiriac
5 Experimental and theoretical studies of interactions in particulate recording media Al. Stancu
6 Influence of spatial heterogeneity on (nano)crystallization of rapidly quenched iron and cobalt based systems P. Švec, K. Krištiaková
7 Iron-based amorphous ribbon – challenges and opportunity for power applications A. J. Moses
8 Cobalt-rich amorphous ribbons for strain sensing in civil engineering L. Kraus, F. Fendrych, P. Švec, J. Bydzovský, M Kollár
9 Magnetic effects in physical sensor design and development E. Hristoforou
10 Magnetostrictive accelerometer using amorphous mettalic alloys T. Meydan, P. Choudhary
11 Hard magnetic Fe-Based / 2:14:1 system M. Marinescu, H. Chiriac
12 Magnetic susceptibility analysis in co/Pt multilayers V. Georgescu
13 Impedance strain gauge characteristics of glass covered amorphous magnetic wires T. Uchiyama, T. Meydan
14 The employment of amorphous Fe77.5Si7.5B15 wires in fluxgates P. D. Dimitropoulos, J. N. Avaritsiotis
15 Nanostructured films for high density perpendicular magnetic recording N. Sulitanu, F. Brînza
16 Micromagnetic analysis of the recording noise in advanced magnetic tape L. Stoleriu, P. Bissell, T. Mercer, P. Ardeleanu, A. Stancu
17 Micromagnetic investigation of interactions in vector hysteresis models L. Stoleriu, A. Stancu
18 Evaluation of interactions in particulate media through dc measurements M. Cerchez, Al. Stancu
19 The effect of interactions on the ac magnetisation processes M. Cerchez, D. Cimpoesu, Al. Stancu
20 Magnetization processes simulations for interacting nanoparticulate systems using a Preisach-Néel model I. D. Borcia, L. Spinu, Al. Stancu
21 Temperature dependent integral generalized deltaM curves L. Spinu, L. D. Tung, J. Fang, P. Postolache, M. Diaconu, Al. Stancu
22 Theoretical study of transverse susceptibility in uniaxial ferromagnets Al. Stancu, L. Spinu, C. Moisa
23 High-resolution fluxgate sensing elements using Co68,25Fe4,5Si12,25B15 amorphous material C. Ioan, H. Chiriac, E. D. Diaconu, A. Moldovanu, E. Moldovanu, C. Macovei
24 An electrosmog-meter – envirometer C. Ioan, V. Munteanu, C. Macovei, E. D. Diaconu
25 The influence of copper concentration on magnetic properties of some nanocrystalline LiXCu1-2XFe2+XO4 ferrites M. L. Craus, V. Dobrea, S. Predeanu, C. Neculita
26 Onset of exchange bias in NiO/NiFe2O4 bilayers B. Negulescu, L. Thomas, Y. Dumont, M. Tessier, N. Keller, M. Guyot, C. Papusoi
27 Structure and magnetic properties of Ni-Zn-Cu ferrites sintered at different temperatures O. F. Caltun, L. Spinu, Al. Stancu
28 Aging dependence of magnetic properties of amorphous Co-Si-B alloys E. Gravvanis, A. Thoma, E. Hristoforou
29 Position sensors based on the delay line principle P. Kemidis, C. Orfanidou, E. Hristoforou
30 Magnetic properties and morphology of electrodeposited Co-Ni-Mg-N thin films M. Georgescu, V. Georgescu, N. Apetroaei
31 Magnetic characterisation of wires covered by Fe-Co-Cu-Nb-Si-B glass F. Borza, H. Chiriac, T. Meydan
32 Magneto-mechanical effect in circular field in Fe77.5Si7.5B15 amorphous wires A. Ercuta, I. Mihalca , H. Chiriac, F. Borza
33 A model for magnetization reversal in positive magnetostrictive amorphous microwires H. Chiriac, T. A. Óvari,
  Regular Papers

Relief grating induced by photo-expansion in Ga-Ge-S and Ga-Ge-As-S glasses

S. H. Messaddeq, M. Siu Li, D. Lezal, Y. Messaddeq

Semiempirical relation between non-linear susceptibility (refractive index), linear refractive index and optical gap and its application to amorphous chalcogenides

H. Tichá, L. Tichý

Influence of substrate temperature on the structural and optical properties of Cu0.5Ag0.5InSe2 films

G. Venkata Rao, G. Hema Chandra, P. Sreedhara Reddy, O. M. Hussain,K. T. Ramakrishna Reddy, S. Uthanna


The calculations of the pair distribution functions for fluid argon using structural diffusion model

S. Dalgiç

Molecular dinamics simulations of the backscattering of He++ ions from a random assembly of gold atoms

M. Ciobanu, V. Babin, D. N. Nicolae, C. Talianu
  Short Communications

As2S3 based arrays of large-size IR microlenses

N. P. Eisenberg, M. Manevich, A. Arsh, M. Klebanov, V. Lyubin
40 Limit of Nd:YAG laser application in artwork restauration I. Gomoiu, R. Radvan, D. Mohanu, R. Savastru