last update: 05 oct. 2005

Volume 7, No. 5, 2005 - full papers



Proceedings of ANC - 2, 2005 - Part II


Gap-state spectroscopy in amorphous selenium

M. L. Benkhedir, M. Brinza, J. Willekens, K. Haenen, M. Daenen, M. Nesladek, G. J. Adriaenssens

Light-induced volume changes in glassy selenium II. Kinetics of volume expansion

J. Hegedus, K. Kohary, S. Kugler

Photo-induced plasticity in amorphous chalcogenides: an overview of mechanisms and applications

M. L. Trunov

Spectroscopic properties of Pr3+ ions in Ge-In-S chalcogenide glasses

M. Bílková, P. Němec, M. Frumar

Ellipsometry and AFM study of post-deposition transformations in vacuum-evaporated As-S-Se films

M. V. Sopinskyy, P. E. Shepeliavyi, A. V. Stronski, E. F. Venger

Nanostructural voids in glassy-like As2Se3 studied with FSDP-related XRD and PALS techniques

T. S. Kavetskyy, O. I. Shpotyuk

Arrays of micro-prisms and micro-mirrors for infrared light based on As2S3-As2Se3 photoresists

N. P. Eisenberg, M. Manevich, A. Arsh, M. Klebanov, V. Lyubin

Sulfide, selenide and telluride glassy systems for optoelectronic applications

D. Lezal, J. Zavadil, M. Prochazka

Observation of Meyer-Neldel N rule in amorphous Se100-XTeX thin films

N. Kushwaha, N. Mehta, R. K. Shukla, D. Kumar, A. Kumar

Structural-chemical approach for compositional dependences of g-induced optical effects in chalcogenide glasses of Ge-Sb-S system

T. S. Kavetskyy, O. I. Shpotyuk, A. P. Kovalskiy, V. M. Tsmots 

Electrical, dielectric and optical properties of TeO2-PbCl2-PbF2 glass systems

J. Kalužný, D. Ležal, J. Pedlíková, M. Kubliha, V. Labaš, J. Zavadil, E. Mariani

Photocurrent relaxation in AsxSe1-x thin films: compositional dependence

M. S. Iovu, I. A. Vasiliev, D. V. Harea, E. P. Colomeico

Fluorescence properties of As2S3 glass doped with rare-earth elements

M. Iovu, A. Andriesh, I. Culeac

Optical photoinduced phenomena and holographic recording in amorphous As-Se thin films

M. S. Iovu, V. G. Ciorba, E. P. Colomeico, M. A. Iovu, A. M. Nastase, A. Prisacari, M.Popescu, O. I. Shpotyuk

Quantum confinement in nanocrystalline silicon

M. L. Ciurea

Fragile and strong glass melts - a possible structural explanation

P. Baltă

Properties of high-porosity sol-gel derived indium-tin oxide films

T. F. Stoica, M. Gartner, T. Stoica, M. Losurdo, V.S. Teodorescu, M. G.Blanchin, M. Zaharescu

Humidity detectors based on chalcogenide semiconductors

K. P. Kornev, I. P. Korneva

Proceedings of ESCAMPIG - 2004


Particle modelling of parallel plate radio frequencyn discharge plasmas in hydrogen: influence of pressure

P. Diomede, S. Longo, M. Capitelli

Negative corona discharge in flowing N2O and its mixtures with N2 and O2

D. Galuska, D. Manole, R. Vladoiu, S. Matejcik, J. D. Skalny

New data concerning the nitrogen 2+ and 1- bands systems  excitation in a cylindrical hollow cathode plasma in He + N2 gase mixtures

M. Bazavan, I. Iova, O. Toma, G. Dinescu, E. R. Ionita

Potential of binary interactions and thermophysical properties of Chlorine in a gas phase

L. Zarkova, U. Hohm, M. Damyanova

The monochromatization effect – an approach to surface analysis by glow discharge – optical emission spectroscopy

C. C. Surdu-Bob, P. Chiru, O. Branza, G. Musa

Ionizing role played by atomic metastable species in RF plasma modulated by short high current pulsed discharges

C. Diplasu, A. Surmeian, H. Fujita

Ar II and Ar III kinetics in the afterglow of pulsed high current density hollow cathode discharge

A. Surmeian, C. Diplasu, A. Groza, M. Ganciu, I. I. Popescu

Radiative Gaunt factors

A. R. D. Chelmus, V. Stancalie


Complex atoms modelling for plasma diagnostics

A. Mihailescu, V. Stancalie

Spectroscopic analysis of a pulsed magnetron discharge

P. Vašina , M. Meško, J. C. Imbert, L. de Poucques,  L. Teule-Gay, C. Boisse-Laporte, J. Bretagne D. Pagnon,  M. Touzeau,  M. Ganciu


Surface wave sustained discharge in argon: two-temperature collisional-radiative model
and experimental verification

H. Nowakowska, D. Czylkowski, Z. Zakrzewski

Temporary thermal fluctuations on the cathode surface and their influence on switching of the cathode working mode

M. Cristea

On the UV emission flux control for some metal-halide lamps

M. Cristea

New investigations on the dynamics of externally perturbed states of a chaotic discharge-plasma double layer

C. Stan, C. P. Cristescu, D. Alexandroaei

Excimer emission from thick microhollow cathode discharges in xenon

L. D. Biborosch, I. Petzenhauser, S. Popescu, Byung-Joon Lee, K. Frank

Electrical and optical diagnosis of a cavity hollow-cathode post-discharge used as a sputtering source

P. C. Balan, R. Apetrei, D. Luca, C. Ioniţă, R. Schrittwieser, G. Popa

On the secondary electron emission in DC magnetron discharge

C. Costin, G. Popa, G. Gousset

Characterization of a surface-wave sustained plasma discharge in a Co-axial structure

S. Letout, L. L. Alves, C. Boisse-Laporte, P. Leprince

Spectral characteristics of a radiofrequency nitrogen plasma jet continuously passing from low to atmospheric pressure

G. Dinescu, S. Vizireanu, C. Petcu, B. Mitu, M. Bazavan, I. Iova

Preionised pulsed magnetron discharges for ionised physical vapour deposition 

M. Ganciu, S. Konstantinidis, Y. Paint, J. P. Dauchot, M. Hecq, L. de Poucques, P. Vašina, M. Meško,  J. C. Imbert, J. Bretagne, M. Touzeau

Thermionic vacuum arc (TVA) - carbon thin film deposition

G. Musa, I. Mustata, V. Ciupina, R. Vladoiu, G. Prodan, C. P. Lungu, H. Ehrich

Studies on the thermionic vacuum arc discharges in the vapors of Cu-Ag and Cu-Sn alloys

T. Akan, N. Ekem, S. Pat, R. Vladoiu, G. Musa

Study on termionic vacuum arc- a novel and advanced technology for surface coating

S. Pat, N. Ekem, T. Akan, Ö. Küsmüş, S. Demirkol, R. Vladoiu, C. P. Lungu, G. Musa

Depollution experiments with repetitive pulsed corona plasmas

N. Georgescu, R. Minea, C. P. Lungu

Giant magnetoresistance effects in correlation with local magnetic interactions in Fe-Cu and Co-Cu granular thin films prepared by thermionic vacuum arc method

C. P. Lungu, I. Mustata, A. M. Lungu, O. Brinza, V. Zaroschi, V. Kuncser, G. Filoti, L. Ion

Influence of Re on the thermo-electron emission from thoriated W cathode during Re deposition by thermionic vacuum arc (TVA) method

C. P. Lungu, I. Mustata, A. M. Lungu, V. Zaroschi, G. Musa, I. Iwanaga, R. Tanaka, Y. Matsumura, H. Tanaka, T. Oi, K. Fujita, K. Iwasaki

Improvement of polyurethane surface biocompatibility by plasma and ion beam techniques

V. Melnig, N. Apetroaei, N. Dumitrascu, Y. Suzuki, V. Tura

Argon rf plasma treatment of PET films for Silicon films adhesion improvement

I. A. Rusu, G. Popa, S. O. Saied, J. L. Sullivan

Influence of dielectric barrier discharge treatments on the surface properties of polyamide-6 films

G. Borcia, N. Dumitrascu, G. Popa

Infrared spectral investigation of organosilicon compounds under corona charge injection in air at atmospheric pressure

A. Groza, A. Surmeian, M. Ganciu, I. I. Popescu

Wettabilities of plasma deposited polymer films

K. Kutasi, N. Bibinov, A. von Keudell, K. Wiesemann

Surface chemistry of plasma deposited ZrC hard coatings

M. Balaceanu, M. Braic, V. Braic, A. Vladescu, C. C. Negrila

Correlation between surface modifications induced on PET/TiO2 sample by DBD plasma produced in He/N2 gas mixture and plasma parameters

A. S. Chiper, N. Apetroaei, G. Popa

Regular Papers


Photoinduced deformations in chalcogenide glasses: scalar and vectoral

K. Tanaka

Immersion holographic recording of subwavelength gratings in amorphous chalcogenide thin films

J. Teteris, M. Reinfelde


Effect of thallium on the optical properties and structure of thin As-S-Tl films

K. Petkov, R. Todorov, M. Kincl, L. Tichy 

Tin oxide humidity sensors operating at room temperature obtained by co-evaporation of TeO2 and Sn

B. Georgieva, I. Podolesheva, J. Pirov, V. Platikanova

Excimer laser induced photo-thermal changes of sol-gel TiO2 thin films

V. Yordanova, K. Starbova, W. Hintz, J. Tomas, U. Wendt

RF plasma treatment of polycarbonate substrates

S. Kitova, M. Minchev, G. Danev

Argon ion activated deposition of SiO2 films

S. Kitova, S. Youroukov, Tz. Babeva, V. Denishev, G. Danev

Thermal diffusivity measurements based on laser induced heat transfer in low-conductivity thin films

E. Krumov, V. Mankov, N. Starbov


Selenide and telluride thick films for mid and thermal infrared applications

C. Vigreux-Bercovici, L. Labadie, J.E. Broquin, P. Kern, A. Pradel

Structure of pulsed-laser deposited As50S50 amorphous thin films

P. Němec, J. Jedelský, M. Frumar, M. Vlček

Optical band gap and optical constants in Se85Te15-xPbx thin films

V. Pandey, N. Mehta, S. K. Tripathi, A. Kumar

Optical properties of Ge20Se80-xBix thin films

P. Sharma, M. Vashistha, I. P. Jain

Temperature dependent change of the MnS K-edge

O. M. Özkendir, Y. Ufuktepe

EPR investigation of manganese ions in 70TeO2×25B2O3×5MO (MO Ţ SrO or SrF2) glass matrices

I. Ardelean, M. Peteanu, N. Mureşan, V. Ioncu, F. Ciorcas-Delille

Synthesis and properties of multicomponent lead fluoroborate glasses containing rare earth ions

J. Pisarska, W. A. Pisarski

The study of the glass transition by the stepscan DSC technique

J. Holubová, Z. Černošek, E. Černošková


Optical spectra of divalent cobalt complexes

Ath. Trutia

Studies on the growth and optical characterization of dysprosium praseodymium oxalate single crystals

V. Thomas, Anit Elizebeth, H. Thomas, G. Jose, N. V. Unnikrishnan, Cyriac Joseph, M. A. Ittyachen

Structural and electrical properties of undoped SnO2 films developed by a low cost CVD technique with two different methods: comparative study

N. D. Papadopoulos, P. E. Tsakiridis, E. Hristoforou

High gate breakdown voltage and low leakage current using selective citric etchant on the sidewall recessed AlGaAs/InGaAs PHEMTs

K. F. Yarn, C. I. Liao, Y. H. Wang, M. P. Houng

Grain size effects in metallic thin films prepared using a new sputtering technology

M. Vopsaroiu, M. J. Thwaites, G. V. Fernandez, S. Lepadatu, K. O'Grady

Optical and structural characterization of periodic silver-polystyrene nanocomposites

C. A. Farcau, S. Astilean

Ultrasound role in sol-gel processing of PbTiO3 ceramics

I. Chilibon, J. Marat-Mendes, R. Igreja, C. J. Dias

Microwave dielectric properties and doping mechanisms of La-doped Ba0.8Sr0.2TiO3

Ling Dong, Xu Guo-yue, Cai Shao

Dielectric properties of molybdenum oxide thin films

Esmat Abdel-fattah I. Saad

Sol-gel derived iron oxide-silica nanocomposites, starting from iron chloride and iron nitrate

M. Popovici, C. Savii, C. Enache, D. Niziiansky, I. Subrt, E. Vecemikova

SMD packaged ZnSSe ultra-violet Schottky photodetectors with high detectivity

L. S. Mak, S. K. Chan, G. K. L. Wong, I. K. Sou

Thermoelectronic emission of tungsten carbide activated tungsten filament

C. Surdu Bob, P. Chiru, O. Brinza, G. Musa

Electric field effects on the exciton bound to an ionized donor in parabolic quantum wells

E. C. Niculescu, L. Burileanu, I. Săndulescu

Determination of normalized propagation constant for optical waveguides by using second order variational method

V. A. Popescu