last update: 06 Feb 2007

Volume 8, No. 5, 2006 - full papers



ANMM - the 3rd International Workshop on Amorphous and Nanocomposite Magnetic Materials, Iasi, Romania 

1 Evolution of structure and microstructure of nanoperm nanocrystalline alloy with temperature M. MIGLIERINI  
2 Identification procedures for Preisach-type models based on FORC diagrams A. STANCU
3 Analysis of magnetic transitions through the magnetoimpedance effect C. GÓMEZ-POLO, V. RECARTE, J. I. PÉREZ-LANDAZABAL
4 Soft magnetic behaviour of nanocrystalline Fe-based glass-coated microwires C. GARCIA, A. ZHUKOV, M. IPATOV, V. ZHUKOVA, J. J. DEL VAL, L. DOMÍNGUEZ, J. M. BLANCO, V. LARIN, J. GONZÁLEZ
5 Peculiarities and potentialities of ultra-short pulsed laser deposition for the production of magnetic nanogranular films L. LANOTTE, G. AUSANIO, A. C. BARONE, C. HISON, V. IANNOTTI, S. AMORUSO, R. BRUZZESE, M. VITIELLO, M. D’INCAU, P. SCARDI
6 Analyses of characteristics of atomic pairs in ferrous bulk metallic glasses using classification of bulk metallic glasses and pettifor map AKIRA TAKEUCHI, AKIHISA INOUE
7 Preparation and characterization of Fe-(Cr,Mo,Ga)-(P,C,B) soft magnetic bulk metallic glasses M. STOICA, J. ECKERT, S. ROTH, L. SCHULTZ, A. R. YAVARI
8 New monolithic three dimensional field sensors with high sensitivity E. HRISTOFOROU
9 Surface magnetic behavior and microstructures of ferromagnetic (Co77Si13.5B9.5)90Fe7Nb3 ribbons L. FERNÁNDEZ, A. CHIZHIK, N. ITURRIZA, J.J.DEL VAL, J. GONZÁLEZ
10 Synthesis and magnetic studies of Ni-Zn ferrite nanoparticles B. PARVATHEESWARA RAO, A. MAHESH KUMAR, K. H. RAO, Y. L. N. MURTHY, O. F. CALTUN, I. DUMITRU, L. SPINU
11 Giant magneto-impedance effect in thin amorphous wires at elevated frequencies C. GARCÍA, A. ZHUKOV, J. GONZALEZ, V. ZHUKOVA, J. M. BLANCO
12 Reversible magnetization processes in scalar Preisach-type models of hysteresis L. STOLERIU, A. STANCU
13 Magnetic and structural characterization of Fe-Ni films for high precision field sensing J. PETROU, S. DIPLAS, H. CHIRIAC, E. HRISTOFOROU
14 Crystalline structure, transport and magnetic properties of Sr2FexNi1-xMoO6 compounds M.–L. CRAUS, L. BÎLTEANU, C. NECULIŢǍ, M. LOZOVAN
15 Influence of the microstructure on extrinsic magnetoresistance in Sr2Fe0.9Gd0.1Mo1-xWxO6 double perovskites M.-L. CRAUS, C. NECULIŢA, L. BÎLTEANU, M. LOZOVAN
16 Bulk Fe-Nd-Al amorphous alloys with hard magnetic properties DING CHEN, AKIRA TAKEUCHI, AKIHISA INOUE
17 The supplementary compression stresses in Fe77.5Si7.5B15 wires I. AŞTEFĂNOAEI, D. RADU, H. CHIRIAC
18 The residual stresses of FeBSi-type in an ingot mould I. AŞTEFĂNOAEI, D.RADU, H. CHIRIAC
19 A theoretical approach of the heat transfer in nanofluids S. H. MOHORIANU, M. AGOP
20 Micromagnetic simulations of fast switching in single-domain ferromagnetic particles F. CIUBOTARU, A. STANCU, M. CERCHEZ
21 Thermal and mechanical ageing of the elastomagnetic core material C. HISON, G. AUSANIO, V. IANNOTTI, G. LUCIANI, C. LUPONIO, L. LANOTTE
22 Surface magnetic characterization of Fe-rich amorphous ribbons M. DOBROMIR, M. NEAGU, H. CHIRIAC
23 Optical and magneto-optical studies of Fe-Cu-Nb-Si-B amorphous thin films deposited by pulsed laser ablation M. NEAGU, M. DOBROMIR, G. POPA, H. CHIRIAC, GH. SINGUREL, C. HISON, N. APETROAIEI
24 Studies of magnetic carrier particles capture for blood vessel embolization O. ROTARIU, L. E. UDREA, N. J. C. STRACHAN, S. D. HEYS, A. C. SCHOFIELD, F. J. GILBERT, V. BADESCU
25 High frequency characteristics and magnetic properties of FeCoB/SiO2 nanogranular films M. URSE, H. CHIRIAC, M. TIBU, M. GRIGORAS
26 Magnetic interactions in NdFeB bulk permanent magnets with additions H. CHIRIAC, N. LUPU, C. CHIRIAC, M. VALEANU, V. KUNCSER
27 Inductive response of ferrites based on resonance effects N. KONTOS, A. KTENA, T. SOFIANOPOULOU, E. HRISTOFOROU
28 Electron microscopy study of (Fe-Co)-Nb-Si-B alloys D. M. KEPAPTSOGLOU, G. POLYCHRONIADIS, K. G. EFTHIMIADIS, P. SVEC, E. HRISTOFOROU

Regular Papers

29 Laser remote sensing of tropospheric aerosol D. NICOLAE, C. P. CRISTESCU
30 Structure and thermal properties of Ge-In-S chalcogenide glasses M. REPKOVÁ, P. NĚMEC, M. FRUMAR
31 Structure of bulk glassy As2Se3 and As2S3 G. GEORGESCU, F. SAVA, M. RARES-MEDIANU
32 Stimulated relaxational transformations in amorphous chalcogenide films V. M. KRYSHENIK, V. P. IVANITSKY, V. S. KOVTUNENKO, M. Y. BARAN
33 Thermally stimulated current measurements in a-(Ge20Se80)94Pb6 V. S. KUSHWAHA, N. KUSHWAHA, A. KUMAR
34 Influnce of Sulphur content on the optical properties of glassy SXSe100-X thin films system M. M. EL NAHASS, M. B. EL DEN, H. E. A. EL-SAYED, A. M. A. EL-BARRY, M. A. M. SEYAM
35 Effect of Sn additive on the electrical properties of Se-Te glassy alloy Vineet Sharma
36 Paracrystallinity or randomness: a challenge for non-crystalline structure M. POPESCU, M. LEONOVICI
37 Photoinduced effects in amorphous Ge-Se films QIMING LIU, XIUJIAN ZHAO, FUXI GAN
38 Structural investigation of CuO-Bi2O3-B2O3 glasses by FT-IR, Raman and UV-VIS spectroscopies I. ARDELEAN, SIMONA CORA, V. IONCU
39 Study of driving forces for atomic migration in metals and dilute alloys ADITYA M. VORA
40 On the phase coexistence of band ferromagnetism and singlet superconductivity F. MOSCALU
41 Alternating Heisenberg s=1/2 spin chain: ferromagnetism versus antiferromagnetism F. IŞIK, S. EKMEKÇI, A. BAYRI
42 Development of thin film media for high-density perpendicular magnetic recording MASAAKI FUTAMOTO
43 Influence of the indium incorporation on the structural and electrical properties of zinc oxide films YASEMIN CAGLAR, MUHSIN ZOR, MUJDAT CAGLAR, SALIHA ILICAN
44 Electrical properties of plastic/CuxS/Ni composites V. POPESCU, H. I. NAŞCU
45 Characterization of BaTi4O9 ceramics by Raman spectroscopy and XPS after ion etching NEGRILA CATALIN, MARIN CERNEA
46 Preparation and IR-spectroscopic characterisation of Cd2InNbO6 perovskite oxide I. RUSU, M. -L. CRAUS
47 Effect of ultrasounds sonication on surface microstructure of the electrodeposited Ni-Zn thin films N. SULIŢANU, C. PÎRGHIE, F. BRÎNZĂ
48 Endohedral fullerenes of different elements J. CVETIĆANIN, J. DJUSTEBEK, M. VELJKOVIĆ, S. VELIČKOVIĆ, V. DJORDJEVIĆ, O. NEŠKOVIĆ
49 Generation of photon pairs in highly nonlinear photonic crystal fibres for quantum information processing XINZHU SANG, CHONGXIU YU, M. K. ISLAM, NAIGUANG LU
50 Bend induced loss in single mode fiber for designing simple interferometric temperature sensor ANANDKUMAR S. LALASANGI, VIJAY K. KULKARNI, I. I. PATTANSHETTI, U. S. RAIKAR
51 Novel optimization design algorithm for discrete Raman amplifier ZHIQIANG CHEN, JIPING NING, QUN HAN
52 A novel opinion about the coupling loss between single-mode fibers and waveguides GUOFANG FAN, JIPING NING, LIANJU SHANG, QUN HAN, ZHIQIANG CHEN
53 Integrated structure for dual role: measuring the fibre – guide coupling losses and sensing the external medium variations F. REHOUMA, K. E. AIADI, M. T. MEFTAH
54 Mirrors with chiral slabs C. SABAH, S. UÇKUN
55 Reflected and transmitted powers of electromagnetic wave through a double-negative slab C. SABAH, G. ÖGÜCÜ, S. UCKUN
56 In situ composition and photoluminescence of Tb, Eu centers / PMMA hybrid polymeric thick films XI-CHEN, BING YAN
57 Ar rf plasma treatment of PET films for Si films adhesion improvement I. A. RUSU, G. POPA, S. O. SAIED, J. L. SULLIVAN
58 Characterization of poly(acrylamide) as temperature-sensitive hydrogel I. NEAMTU, A. P. CHIRIAC, L. E. NITA
59 Physicochemical features of polyaniline supported heteropolyacids A. POPA, NICOLETA PLEŞU, V. SASCA, E. E. KIŠ, RADMILA MARINKOVIĆ-NEDUČIN
60 Electric dipole moments in the excited states determined by means of spectral methods I. A. RUSU, Ş. FILOTI, D. O. DOROHOI, M. TOMA