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Volume 8, No. 2, 2006 - full papers



Proceedings of the 4th International Conference

"New Research Trends in Materials Science", ARM - 4 


In situ and/or time resolved powder neutron scattering for materials science

O. Isnard  

Nanocrystalline materials for hydrogen storage

M. Jurczyk

Materials and structures for semiconductor spintronics

V. G. Kantser

Soft magnetic nanocrystalline powders produced by mechanical alloying routes

I. Chicinas

New solutions for perpendicular magnetic recording media

H. Gavrilă


Section 1. Perovskites 


Investigation of chemical and grain boundary effects in highly ordered Sr2FeMoO6: XPS and mössbauer studies

M. Raekers, K. Kuepper, H. Hesse, I. Balasz, I. G. Deac, S. Constantinescu, E. Burzo, M. Valeanu, M. Neumann

The magnetic effects in Sr2FeMoO6 perovskite type compound obtained by soft chemistry

G. Aldica, C. Plapcianu, P. Badica, C. Valsangiacom, B. Popescu

Zr-substitution effects on physical properties of the colossal magnetoresistance compounds La2/3Sr1/3MnO3

R. V. Tetean, I. G. Deac, N. Bucur, E. Burzo

Synthesis and electron spin resonance of La2/3Ca1/3MnO3 nanowires

D. Toloman, G. Mihailescu, Al. Darabont, C. V. L. Pop, L. Olenic, A. Popa, O. Raita, M. Jivanescu, M. N. Grecu, L. M. Giurgiu, S. Idziak, S. K. Hoffmann

Synthesis and magnetic properties of Sr and Cr doped lanthanum manganite

J. Neamtu, T. Malaeru, I. Jitaru, A. E. Patroi, G. Georgescu

Structural and magnetic properties of Al doped Y2CaMn3O9 perovskites

I. Balasz, E. Burzo

Intergranular dissipation processes induced by nanodefects in (Bi,Pb):2223 HTS superconductor

A. V. Pop, D. Marconi, V. Pop, M. Pop

Metal-insulator transition induced by oxygen in nanoscale Bi:2201 thin films and in bulk Y:123 superconductiong materials

A. V. Pop, G. Ilonca, M. Pop

Section 2. Intermetallic compounds, alloys and glasses


Magnetic properties and electronic structures of YCo3-xNixB2 compounds

E. Burzo, P. Vlaic, V. Pop, I. Creanga

Magnetic properties of DyxU1-xCo2 system

I. Lupsa, T. Petrisor

Band structure and magnetic properties of RNi4B compounds with R=Gd, Tb, Dy, Ho and Er

P. Vlaic, N. Bucur, C. Lazar, E. Burzo

SmCo5/α-Fe nanocomposite material obtained by mechanical milling and annealing

V. Pop, O. Isnard, I. Chicinaş, D. Givord, J. M. Le Breton

Magnetocaloric effects on TbCo3-XAlX compounds

R. Tetean, E. Burzo, I. G. Deac

Phase and microstructure evolution during solidification of Nd-Fe-B melts processed by novel techniques

O. Filip, R. Hermann

The magnetic behaviour of cobalt in Y(CoXAl1-X)3 compounds

R. Tetean, E. Burzo

Spin configurations in exchange coupled magnetic phases studied by Mössbauer pectroscopy

V. Kuncser, W. Keune, F. Stromberg, G. Schinteie, G. Filoti

FexOy-SiO2 nanocomposites studied by Mössbauer spectroscopy

D. Predoi, V. Kuncser, M. Zaharescu, A. Jitianu, M. Crisan, W. Keune, B. Sahoo, G. Filoti, M. Raileanu

Evaluation of the corrosion behaviour for the permanent magnets based on rare earths, used in aeronautical industry

W. Kappel, M. M. Codescu, N. Stancu, D. Popa

Magnetic properties of some gadolinium silica glass ceramics

I. Coroiu, E. Culea, I. Vida Simiti, Al. Darabont

Crystallization process in xGd2O3(1-x)(0.95SiO20.05Na2O) ceramic system

I. Coroiu, Gh. Borodi, I. Vida Simiti, Al. Darabont, I. Bratu, E. Culea, N. Jumate

Magnetic flexible material containing microcrystalline NdFeB powder

R. Setnescu, T. Setnescu, S. Jipa, W. Kappel, M. Dumitru, M. M. Codescu, N. Stancu, T. Zaharescu


New magnetic composite materials for electromagnetic shields at microwave frequencies

J. Neamtu, W. Kappel, E. Patroi, T. Malaeru, G. Georgescu, L. Giurgiu

Section 3. Ceramics 


Vibrational investigation of sintered titanium biomaterials

V. Simon, C. Popa, D. Muresan, S. Simon

Hydrothermal synthesis of perovskite based materials for microelectronic applications

R. M. Piticescu, P. Vilarnho, L. M. Popescu, R. R. Piticescu

Formation and properties of some antimony-doped strontium titanate ceramics

A. Ianculescu, A. Brăileanu, G. Voicu, N. Drăgan, D. Crişan

Studies on PZT–Nb modified piezoceramic materials

A. M. Moisin, A. I. Dumitru, E. Andronescu, C. Ghitulica

Structural investigation of PbMg1/3Nb2/3-PbTiO3 system

A. M. Moisin, A. I. Dumitru, I. Pasuk, G. Stoian

Structural investigation of calcium-soda-phosphate glasses with small content of silver oxide

D. Muresan, M. Vasilescu, I. Balasz, C. Popa, W. Kiefer, S. Simon

Rheological investigations of a polymeric precursor for ceramic materials: experiments and theoretical modeling

C. Balan, R. Riedel

The study of Mg2+ /Ca2+ substitution of β-tricalcium phosphate

C. Tardei, F. Grigore, I. Pasuk, S. Stoleriu

Sn-Ce-O advanced materials obtained by thermal decomposition of some precursors

S. Mihaiu, A. Brăileanu, M. Bán, J. Madarász, G Pokol

AgSnO2 sintered electrical contacts with ultrafine and uniformly dispersed microstructure

M. Lungu, S. Gavriliu, T. Canta, M. Lucaci, E. Enescu

Use of the polysulfone polymer in NOx detection

G. Telipan, M. Ignat, V. Cozan

Hydroxiapatite – zirconia composites for biomedical applications

A. Volceanov, E. Volceanov, S. Stoleriu

Influence of Ca2+ and Mg2+ as twinned ions on zirconia powder stability

E. Volceanov, A. Volceanov, Ş. Stoleriu, C. Plăpcianu

Section 4. Semiconductors 


The experimental estimation of the illumination generation rate in a nano-SOI film

C. Ravariu, G. Alecu, F. Ravariu

A facile chemical route to copper sulfide CuS nanocrystallites – pH effect of the morphology and the shape of them

C. M. Simonescu , L. Patron, V. S. Teodorescu, M. Brezeanu, C. Capatina

Double glass drag spinning method of fabrication of thermoelectric coaxial cables and microthermocouples

V. G. Kantser, D. F. Meglei, A. I. Rusu

Structural and morphological properties of perylene derivatives films on passivated semiconductor substrates

G. Salvan,  S. Silaghi, M. Friedrich, C. Himcinschi, D. R. T. Zahn

Section 5. Carbon and boron 


Platinum / carbon / polyaniline based nanocomposites as catalysts for fuel cell technology

G. A. Rimbu, C. L. Jackson, K. Scott

Characteristics of boron thin films obtained by TVA technology

G. Musa, R. Vladoiu, V. Ciupina, C. P. Lungu, I. Mustata, S. Pat, T. Akan, N. Ekem

Raman spectra of carbon thin films

G. Musa, R. Vladoiu, V. Ciupina, J. Janik

Modification of the structural parameters of coal tar pitch induced by addition of nanocarbon-coated iron at primary carbonization

I. Ion, A-M. Bondar, Y. Kovalev, C. Banciu, I. Pasuk

Carbon/ceramic composites designed for electrical application

A. M. Bondar, I. Iordache

Chemical surface transformation of SiC-based nanocables

M. Bechelany, D. Cornu, F. Chassagneux, S. Bernard, P. Miele

New polypyrrole-multiwall carbon nanotubes hybrid materials

R. Turcu, Al. Darabont, A. Nan, N. Aldea, D. Macovei, D. Bica, L. Vekas, O. Pana, M. L. Soran, A. A. Koos, L. P. Biro

Section 6. Polymers 


Chemical tailoring of Single-Source molecular and polymeric precursors for the preparation of ceramic fibers

S. Bernard, S. Duperrier, D. Cornu, P. Miele, M. Weinmann, C. Balan, F. Aldinger


Antioxidation activity of several diphosphonates in thermooxidative stability of LDPE

S. Jipa, L. M. Gorghiu, C. Dumitrescu, M. Bumbac, R. L. Olteanu, T. Zaharescu, H. Cuthon- Gourves

Copolymers based on poly(vinyl alcohol) and acrylamide

N. Tudorachi, R. Lipsa

Possibilities for poly(aspartic acid) preparation as biodegradable compound

L. E. Niţă,  A. P. Chiriac, C. M. Popescu, I. Neamţu,  L. Alecu

Magnetic properties of pyrolized poly-e-caproamide

W. Kappel, S. Jipa, R. Setnescu, T. Zaharescu, T. Setnescu, E. Burzo

The morphology control of polyaniline as conducting polymer in fuel cell technology

G. A. Rimbu, I. Stamatin, C. L. Jackson, K. Scott

Polyurethane materials for passive isolation bearings

S. Oprea, S. Vlad

Polymer films doped with colorants as oxygen sensitive materials

R. Setnescu, S. Jipa, T. Setnescu, A. F. Danet, M. Dondoi, M. Dumitru

The effect of water on electrical properties of polymer composites with cellulose fibers

P. V. Notingher, D. Panaitescu, Z. Vuluga, M. Iorga, H. Paven, D. Florea

Curing of vinyl ester resins. Rheological behaviour

L. Rosu, C. N. Cascaval, D. Rosu

Section 7. Metallurgy 


Determination of some mechanical properties of TiNi (50.6 at. % Ni) shape memory alloy using dynamic mechanical analysis and tensile tests

D. Batalu, H. Guoqiu, A. Aloman, L. Xioashan, Z. Zhihua

The synthesis of nanocrystalline Mg-Ni alloys for hydrogen storage

E. Enescu, P. Lungu, I. Pasuk, G. Stoian

New WAg electrical contacts with ultrafine structure for low voltage devices

S. Gavriliu, M. Lungu, M. Lucaci, E. Enescu

Texture  of electrolytic  Mo  deposition from  molten  alkali  halide

N. Ene, C. Donath

The influence of oxygen flow on the tribological behaviour and residual stress of TiCO thin - films

D. Munteanu, R. Cozma, B. Borcea, F. Vaz

Structure of sintered porous materials for gas diffusion

I. Vida –Simiti, N. Jumate, T. Bolog

The influence of nitrogen content on the properties of TiNX thin films

D. Munteanu, F. Vaz

Lightweight magnetic composites for aircraft applications

G. Andrei, D. Dima, L. Andrei

Section 8. Miscellaneous materials 


Crystal field studies of the MgAl2O4 : Ni2+ ground and excited state absorption

M. G. Brik, N.  M. Avram, C. N. Avram

Investigations on thermal stability of some ferrocene liquid crystals bearing azo, ferrocenyl and cholesteryl units

D. Apreutesei, G. Lisa, D. Scutaru, N. Hurduc

Bioactive vitroceramic utilized in modern reparatory medicine

C. Mazilu, L. Ionescu, E. Rotiu, A. Dinischiotu, A. Campean


The effect of processing conditions on magnetic and electric properties of composite materials used in nonconventional magnetic circuits

E. Enescu, P. Lungu, S. Marinescu, P. Dragoi

FIDAP simulation of the F color centers formation in alkali halides crystals using additive method of crystals coloring

L. Lighezan, C. Stelian, D. S. Resiga, I. Nicoara

Regular Papers


Angström-science, angström-technology, angström-devices: A new challenge

M. Popescu

SiOx thin films deposited by r.f. magnetron reactive sputtering: structural properties designed by deposition conditions

N. Tomozeiu

Comparison of photostructural changes induced by continuous and pulsed laser in chalcogenide glass

P. Lucas, E. A. King, A. Doraiswamy

On the reversible photo-darkening in amorphous Ge5As41 S15 Se39 film

M. Kincl, K. Petkov, L. Tichy

Electron transport in amorphous (GeSe5)1-xBx films

P. Petkov, S. Parvanov, T. Petkova

Optical band gap and optical constants in amorphous  Se70Te30-xAgx thin films

V. Pandey, S. K. Tripathi, A. Kumar

Electrical and photoelectrical properties of vacuum deposited Se-Te-Pb thin films

N. Kushwaha, R. K. Shukla, A. Kumar

Si (Ge)–Se–Te glasses: electrical and acoustic properties

L. A. Kulakova, V. Kh. Kudoyarova, B. T. Melekh, V. I. Bakharev

Change of NQR line shape of glassy As2Se3

I. Korneva, N. Sinyavsky, M. Ostafin, B. Nogaj

Photodetectors based on heterojunctions of metal - chalcogenide vitreous semiconductors

I. P. Korneva, K. P. Kornev, M. Ostafin, B. Nogaj

Optical and structural investigations on Cd-S-Se-doped aluminophosphate glasses

M. Elisa, C.Vasiliu, J. Striber, D. Radu, J. H. Trodahl, M. Dalley

Manganese doped sol-gel materials with catalytic properties

M. Crişan, M. Răileanu, S. Preda, M. Zaharescu, A. M. Vălean, E. J. Popovici, V.S. Teodorescu, V. Matejec, J. Mrazek

Electron spin resonance spectroscopy investigations of carbon nanotubes – epoxy composites

M. Chipara, F. Iacomi, J. M. Zaleski, J. B. Bai

Growth of ZnO micro and nanowires using the template method

M. Sima, I. Enculescu, E. Vasile

Luminescent properties of nano-SiO2:Eu3+/polypropylene composite

Ž. Andrić, M. D. Dramićanin, V. Jokanović, T. Dramićanin, M. Mitrić, B. Viana

Investigation of diffusion process activation in pinched surfaces

G. Golan, V. Manevych, A. Axelevitch, A. Jartovsky, V. Chigarev

All-solid-state high power dual-wavelength Ti: sapphire laser

Lei Zou, Xin Ding, Hong-mei Ma, Yue Zou, Wu-qi Wen, Peng Wang, Jian-quan Yao

Design and fabrication of metal-wire nanograting used as polarizing beam splitter in optical telecommunication

Liang Zhang, Chengfang Li, Jing Li, Fei Zhang, Lina Shi 

Effective methods to narrow pulse width of Q-switched fiber laser

L. J. Shang, J. P. Ning, G. F. Fan, Z. Q. Chen, Q. Han, H. Y. Zhang

Carrier capture efficiency and amplification properties of asymmetrical multiple quantum well optical amplifiers

V. V. Lysak, I. A. Sukhoivanov, Yong Tak Lee

Synthesis and characterization of Mn doped ZnO nanobelts

H. S. Bhatti, D. Kumar, A. Gupta, R. Sharma, K. Singh, P. Sharma

Influence of electrode material on gas-filled surge arresters characteristics in γ and X radiation field

B. Lončar, P. Osmokrović, S. Stanković, R. Šašić

Synthesis and molecular second hyperpolarizability determination of ET2Hg(SCN)2Cl

Tingbin Li, Dong Xu, Quan Ren, Xingqiang Wang, Xing Ying, Guanghui Zhang

P-aminobenzoic acid/cyclohexanon/ formaldehyde resins as hardner for epoxy resins. Synthesis and characterization

F. Mustata, I. Bicu

Synthesis, photophysical and photoelectrical properties of glass-forming phenothiazinyl- and carbazolyl-substituted ethylenes

J. Simokaitiene, S. Grigalevicius, J. V. Grazulevicius, R. Rutkaite, K. Kazlauskas, S. Jursenas, V. Jankauskas, J. Sidaravicius

Thiocyanate-selective electrode based on rhodium porphyrin derivates

D. Vlascici, O. Spiridon Bizerea, E. Făgădar-Cosma