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Volume 8, No. 4, 2006 - full papers



Regular Papers

1 Desorption induced by femtosecond laser: nonlinear regime through indirect coupling D. BEJAN, G. RASEEV  
2 Photoluminescence of Ga0.017Ge0.25As0.083S0.65 glasses doped with rare-earth ions M. S. IOVU, N. N. SYRBU, YU. S. TVER`YANOVICH, G. J. ADRIAENSSENS
3 Determination of the density of localized states in (Ge20Se80)0.90Sn0.10 glassy alloy R. SINGH, S. K. TRIPATHI, S. KUMAR
4 Optical characterization of Se-Te-Sb chalcogenide glass V. K. SARASWAT, V. KISHORE, N. S. SAXENA, K. SHARMA, T. P. SHARMA, A. MISRA
5 Effect of annealing temperature on the electrical and optical properties of nanocrystalline selenium thin films R. ROY, V. S. CHOUDHARY, M. K. PATRA, A. PANDYA
6 Localized states in a-Se98Sb2 determined by thermally stimulated current measurements V. S. KUSHWAHA, D. KUMAR, A. KUMAR
7 Influence of deposition temperature on the structural and optical properties of InSbSe3 films H. E. ATYIA
9 EPR and magnetic investigation of calcium – phosphate glasses containing iron ions I. ARDELEAN, C. ANDRONACHE, C. CÎMPEAN, P. PĂŞCUŢĂ
10 Strongly enhanced third order nonlinear response of periodically nano-structured silicon-on-insulator (SOI) measured by reflection Z-scan with femtosecond pulses A. PETRIS, F. PETTAZZI, E. FAZIO, C. PEROZ, Y. CHEN, V. I. VLAD, M. BERTOLOTTI
11 The inverse problem in scattering theory of optical fields V. BABIN, M. CIOBANU, C. RADU
12 The generalized heat equation for laser- crystalline solid interaction M. OANE, F. SCARLAT, I. N. MIHAILESCU, C. OPROIU, A. PELED
13 Calculation of optical response function of inhomogeneous Fermi systems in the local density approximation SH. FARAMARZI, EZZEDDIN MOHAJERANI, HOSEIN AGHAHOSENI
14 L–shaped frequency selective surfaces as conducting elements on chiral slab KEMAL DELIHACIOĞLU, SAVAŞ UÇKUN, TUNCAY EGE
15 The particle distribution functions and applications S. OSTOJIC, R. SASIC
16 The determination of the thickness and optical constants of the ZnO crystalline thin film by using envelope method M. CAGLAR, Y. CAGLAR, S. ILICAN
17 A new ionization process in the afterglow of pulsed hollow cathode discharge A. SURMEIAN, C. DIPLASU, A. GROZA, M. GANCIU, I.-IOVITZ POPESCU
18 Novel approach to the investigation of carriers` concentration in various semiconductor structures RIFAT M. RAMOVIĆ, RAJKO M. ŠAŠIĆ, PETAR M. LUKIĆ
19 The interference of electron waves scattered on the atomic pair of the substance in diffraction studies V. P. IVANITSKY
20 Mobile NMR: applications to materials and biomedicine N. O. GOGA, A. PÎRNĂU, L. SZABO, R. SMEETS, D. RIEDIGER, O. COZAR, B. BLÜMICH
21 Biochemical compatibility of PZT piezoelectric ceramics covered with titanium thin film T. SAKAI, S. HOSHIAI, E. NAKAMACHI
22 Trace-gas detection based on the temperature-tuning periodically poled MgO: LiNbO3 optical parametric oscillator J. KONG, C. C. CHAN, D. Y. TANG, N. NI, B. ZHAO
23 High efficiency In2O3/c-Si heterojunction solar cells produced by rapid thermal oxidation R. A. ISMAIL, D. N. RAOUF, D. F. RAOUF
24 The physical characteristics of Cu2S/CdS thin-film solar cell A. ASHOUR
25 Electrical and photoelectrical properties of isotypic In2O3/Cd1-xZnxS/CdS1-ySey heterostructures H. M. MAMEDOV, S. I. AMIROVA
26 Electrical and optical properties of Cr nano-crystal/silicon ultra-thin films prepared by electrodeposition V. GEORGESCU, C. SÎRBU, N. APETROAIEI
27 Microstructure and electrical properties of near-eutectic alumina-zirconia composites R. ČIČKA, V. TRNOVCOVÁ, M. YU, STAROSTIN, O. BOŠÁK
28 On electronic properties from the application of field dependence SSPG approach to polymorphous and microcrystalline silicon semiconductors R. I. BADRAN, N. AL-AWWAD
29 Structural and electrical characterization of barium strontium titanate films prepared by sol-gel technique on brass (CuZn) substrate S. KRIBALIS, P.E. TSAKIRIDIS, C. DEDELOUDIS, E. HRISTOFOROU
30 High porosity sintered sheets I. VIDA - SIMITI
31 Compositional dependences of optical parameters of Ti1-xZrxO2 thin films I. P. STUDENYAK, O. T. NAHUSKO, M. KRANJčEC
32 Luminescent properties of ZnS single crystal annealed in the Vth group elements melt R. SOBOLEVSKAYA, V. KOROTKOV, L. BRUK, K. SUSHKEVCI, P. KETRUSH
33 Structural and microstructural properties of porous PZT films V. STANCU, I. BOERASU, M. LISCA, L. PINTILIE, M. POPESCU, F. SAVA
34 The dielectric properties of laser-deposited SrBi2Ta2O9 thin films and related buffer layers D. MIU
35 Mössbauer spectroscopy and magnetic measurements on Fe-Ni-Co-Ti shape memory alloys F. TOLEA, G. SCHINTEIE, B. POPESCU
36 Ultrasonic studies of n-Ge sample by buffer-rod P. PETCULESCU
37 Mechanism of homeotropic alignment of a doped liquid crystal T. BEICA, R. MOLDOVAN, I. ZGURA, S. FRUNZA, M. POTERASU
38 Testing a new multiple light scattering phase function using RWMCS D. CHICEA, I. TURCU
39 Microstructure and bioactivity of acrylic bone cements for prosthetic surgery S. CAVALU, V. SIMON
40 Computer simulation of alternate conductivity of polymer system S. MINÁRIK, M. KUBLIHA, V. LABAŠ, J. KALUŽNÝ
41 Channeled spectra simulation of an anisotropic poly-(phenylmethacrylic) ester of cetyloxybenzoic acid in tetrachloromethane J. BARAN, M. POSTOLACHE, M. POSTOLACHE
42 New reactive hole-transporting hydrazone and its adducts with diol and dithiol R. BUDRECKIENE, J. V. GRAZULEVICIUS, V. JANKAUSKAS, J. VEDEGYTE, J. SIDARAVICIUS
43 Total ionizing dose response of commercial process for synthesis of linear bipolar integrated circuits V. VUKIĆ, P. OSMOKROVIĆ
44 A new passive dosimetric system with thermoluminescent LiF: Mg, Cu, P detectors applied in individual radiation monitoring A. STOCHIOIU, F. MIHAI, F. SCARLAT
45 Corneal collagen fibrile contraction under 2.1 μm holmium laser irradiation T. DASCALU, C. DASCALU
46 Numerical taxonomy: Mn2+ EPR line shape as a criterion in provenance studies O. G. DULIU, M. VELTER-STEFANESCU
47 The damping of slow magnetoacustic waves in coronal loops A. MARCU, I. BALLAI
48 Biogeochemical properties of the Ross Sea retrieved from in situ and remote optoelectronics devices during the Austral summer 1997-98 R. BARBINI, M. CABRINI, F.COLAO, R. FANTONI, L. FIORANI, S. FONDA UMANI, N. V. KOLODIKOVA, L. LAZZARA, A. PALUCCI, F. PARMIGGIANI
49 Advances in phase-stepping real-time holography using photorefractive sillenite crystals M. R. R. GESUALDI, E. A. BARBOSA, M. MURAMATSU
50 Theoretical and experimental research on the birefringent filter applied for the high power tunable Ti: sapphire laser LEI ZOU, XIN DING, YUE ZOU, HONG-MEI MA, WU-QI WEN, PENG WANG, JIAN-QUAN YAO
51 Better calculation of SAW in LiNbO3 and new designed configuration of acousto-optic tunable filters HEHUA XU, JISHENG YANG, CHUANJING WEN, CHANGKU SUN
52 Tunable photonic band gaps in a photonic crystal fiber filled with low index material J. SUN, C. C. CHAN, X. Y. DONG, P. SHUM
53 Broad angle antireflection coatings and their damage threshold at 1064 nm S. M. JAVED AKHTAR, D. RISTAU
54 Geometrical optimization of high speed intra-cavity-contacted oxide-confined VCSELs V. V. LYSAK, YONG TAK LEE
55 Fabrication of fiber grating by phase mask and its sensing application BASHIR AHMED TAHIR, JALIL ALI, ROSLY ABDUL RAHMAN
56 Fiber optic micro-displacement sensor using coupler VIJAY K. KULKARNI, ANANDKUMAR S. LALASANGI, I. I. PATTANASHETTI, U. S. RAIKAR
57 Improving the measurement accuracy of hydrogen cyanide sensor by using DSP technique N. NI, C. C. CHAN
58 Bragg gratings in multimode optical fibres and their applications XINZHU SANG, CHONGXIU YU, BINBIN YAN
59 Design of the photonic crystal demultiplexers for ultra-short optical pulses using the gap-maps analysis I. A. SUKHOIVANOV, I. V. GURYEV, O. V. SHULIKA, A. V. KUBLYK, O. V. MASHOSHINA, E. ALVARADO-MÉNDEZ, J. A. ANDRADE-LUCIO
60 Miniature compact microstrip rat-race hybrid ring with continuous suppression of higher harmonics DUSAN NESIC
  Methodological Note
61 Methods of purification and characterization of carbon nanotubes V. DJORDJEVIĆ, J. DJUSTEBEK, J. CVETIĆANIN, S. VELIĆKNOVIĆ, M. VELJKOVIĆ, M. BOKOROV, B. BABIĆ STOJIĆ, O. NEŠKOVIĆ
  Technical Note
62 Fabrication and characterization of low-cost polarimetric fiber-optic pressure sensor G. C. CONSTANTIN, G. PERRONE, S. ABRATE, N. N. PUŞCAŞ
  Short Communications
63 Effect of doping on binary Se-In chalcogenide glasses D. SUSHAMA, G. ACHAMMA, P. PREDEEP
64 Measurement of electrical conductivity of Zn50Se50 alloy at different temperatures V. KISHORE, N. S. SAXENA, VIBHAV K. SARASWAT, KANAN BALA SHARMA, T. P. SHARMA