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Volume 8, No. 1, 2006 - full papers



Proceedings of the 6th International Balkan Workshop on Applied Physics 


Epitaxial-quality PZT: insulator or semiconductor?

L. Pintilie, M. Lisca, M. Alexe

Electrical properties of nanocrystalline silicon

Magdalena Lidia Ciurea

Mechanical properties of ZrC thin films grown by pulsed laser deposition

A. J. Woo, G. Bourne, V. Craciun, D. Craciun, R. K. Singh

Pulsed laser deposition of SrZrO3 as a buffer layer for ferroelectric thin films

D. Miu, J. C. Martinez, M. Maier, H. Adrian

Preparation and properties of SnO2:F thin films

M. Girtan, A. Bouteville, G. G. Rusu, M. Rusu

XPS study of Ti/oxidized GaAs interface

R. V. Ghita, C. Logofatu, C. Negrila, A. S. Manea, M. Cernea, V. Ciupina, M. F. Lazarescu

Structural, optical and electrical properties of Sb2O3 thin films with different thickness

N. Tigau, V. Ciupina, G. Prodan

Crystallite size effect in PbS thin films grown on glass substrates by chemical bath deposition

A. Popa, M. Lisca , V. Stancu, M. Buda, E. Pentia, T. Botila

Investigation of magnetic fluids exhibiting field induced absorption peaks in the susceptibility spectra

P. C. Fannin, C. Mac Oireachtaigh, I. Mălăescu, C. N. Marin

Plasma polymerization of ferrocene with silane and silazane monomers for design of nanostructured magnetic ceramics

A. Dumitru, V. Ciupina, I. Stamatin, G. Prodan, A. Morozan, C. Mirea

Structure – properties relationships in Ce-doped lead titanate ceramics

E. Dimitriu, R. Ramer, F. Craciun, G. Prodan, V. Ciupina

Microwave behaviour of ferrite composites

D. Lisjak, V. B. Bregar, A. Znidarsic, M. Drofenik

Transitory phenomena in pulsed reactive magnetron discharge

V. Tiron, C. Vitelaru, M. Solomon, F. M. Tufescu, G. Popa

Thermoionic vacuum arc (TVA) deposited tungsten thin film characterization

R. Vladoiu, V. Ciupina, C. P. Lungu, V. Bursikova, G. Musa

Unstressed carbon-metal films deposited by thermionic vacuum arc method

C. P. Lungu, I. Mustata, G. Musa, A. M. Lungu, O. Brinza, C. Moldovan, C. Rotaru, R. Iosub, F. Sava, M. Popescu, R. Vladoiu, V. Ciupina, G. Prodan, N. Apetroaei

IR and Raman investigation of x(CuOV2O5)(1-x) [P2O5CaF2] glass system

N. Vedeanu, O. Cozar, I. Ardelean, B. Lendl


Growth and characterization of Nd3+ doped strontium hexa – aluminates single crystals

L. Gheorghe, V. Lupei, A. Lupei, C. Gheorghe, A. Achim, G. Aka, C. Varona

Polarization effects of Nd3+ spectra in strontium hexa-aluminates

A. Lupei, V. Lupei, C. Gheorghe, L. Gheorghe, E. Antic-Fidancev, D. Vivien, G. Aka

Growth and optical properties of GdCa4O(BO3)3:RE crystals (RE=Sc3+ or Lu3+) as new nonlinear materials

L. Gheorghe, V. Lupei, A. Achim, G. Aka, C. Varona


Structural and spectroscopical characterization of RE3+(RE = Er, Eu, Tb) doped nanocrystalline YAG produced by a sol-gel method

A.-M. Chinie, A. Stefan, S. Georgescu, O. Toma, Elena Borca, M. Bercu


EPR studies on lanthanum aluminoborates doped with paramagnetic ions

S. Simon

Analysis of trigonal distortions in Cs2Na(Al, Ga)F6:Cr3+ using experimental EPR data

M. G. Brik, N. M. Avram
Photoelectrical and optical properties of Cd1-xMnxTe single crystals and thin films
I. Caraman, G. I. Rusu, L. Leontie 

Study of generation-recombination processes of non-equilibrium charge carriers in single crystalline thin GaSe(Cu) films

E. Cuculescu, Ig. Evtodiev, M. Caraman, L. Leontie

Absorption spectra and extrinsic photoconductivity of Cu and Cd doped GaSe single – crystal films

E. Cuculescu, Ig. Evtodiev, M. Caraman, G. G. Rusu

Multiplasmon radiation line replicas of bound excitons in single ZnSe crystals

A. Klyukanov, C. Sushkevici, M. Chyukichev, A. Awawdeh, V. Gurau, A. Catanoi

Plasma fusion torus as a complex space charge structure

D. G. Dimitriu


Self-organization as physical basis of the hysteresis phenomena

S. Chiriac, E. Lozneanu, M. Sanduloviciu

Investigation of the bistable behaviour of multiple anodic structures in dc discharge plasma

S. Chiriac, M. Aflori, D. G. Dimitriu

Influence of the quartz window in a rapid thermal processing apparatus

P.-O. Logerais, M. Girtan, A. Bouteville

Substrate thermal profiles in spray-CVD reactor

M. Girtan, P.-O. Logerais, A. Bouteville
Dynamic space charge structures in high fluence laser ablation plumes
S. Gurlui, M. Sanduloviciu, M. Strat, G. Strat, C. Mihesan, M. Ziskind, C. Focsa

Temporal phase synchronization in a double electrical discharge plasma

C. Stan, C. P. Cristescu, D. Alexandroaei

Space charge configuration formed in weakly magnetized diffusion plasma

M. Mihai – Plugaru, L. M. Ivan, D. G. Dimitriu

Simulations of biological ion channels by molecular dynamics

T. A. Beu

Experimental and density functional theory investigation of some biomedical compounds

O. Cozar, V. Chiş, L. David, M. Baias

The effect of neutron irradiation on fatty acids and computer modelling

M. Ghelmez (Dumitru), B. Dumitru, C. Toma, E. Slavnicu, R. I. Trascu, A. R. Sterian, C. Georgescu

Electronic structure calculations of peanut-shaped C60 polymers

T. A. Beu

Spectral and thermogravimetric analysis of some poly(carboxybetaine)s polymers

M. Strat, S. Vasiliu, G. Strat, C. Luca, I. Grecu, S. Gurlui, S. I. Stratulat

Investigations of the nonhomogeneities in organic molecular crystalline materials using kubelka-munk theory

M. Socol, A. Stanculescu

Spin density calculations for two electron-acceptor constituents of molecular magnets: tetracyanoethylene and hexacyanobutadiene

C. I. Oprea, A. Damian, M. A. Grţu

Magnetic field effects during styrene copolymerization with 2, 3-epoxypropyl methacrylate

L. E. Nita, A. P. Chiriac
43 Rheological monitoring of in situ poly(acrylamide) gel preparation I. Neamtu, L. E. Nitu, A. P. Chiriac, M. Bercea

Experimental and theoretical investigation of 5-para-fluoro-benziliden-tiazolidin-2tion-4-ona

M. Baias, A. Prnău, V. Chiş, O. Cozar, M. Vasilescu

Influence of water vapour on acetaldehyde removal efficiency by DBD

A. S. Chiper, N. B.-Simiand, F. Jorand, S. Pasquiers, G. Popa, C. Postel

Development of compact cross-coupled filters for mobile communications

M. G. Banciu

Future trends in acoustic gas monitoring and sensing

A. G. Petculescu

Determination of carbon in steels using particle-induced gamma ray spectrometry

A. Ene,  I. V. Popescu, T. Bădică

Ultrasonic C-scan imaging for the bone sample

P. Petculescu, R. Zagan, G. Prodan

Structural changes of austenitic steel obtained by 532 nm and 1064 nm Nd:YAG laser radiation

M. I. Rusu, R. Zamfir, E. Ristici, D. Savastru, C. Talianu, S. Zamfir, A. Molagic, C. Cotrut

Cavitation role in extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy

I. Chilibon, M. Wevers, J.-P. Lafaut, L. Baert

LIDAR monitoring of aerosols loading over Bucharest

D. Nicolae, C. Talianu, J. Ciuciu,  M. Ciobanu, V. Babin

Planetary boundary layer height detection from lidar measurements

C. Talianu, D. Nicolae, J. Ciuciu,  M. Ciobanu, V. Babin

Atmospheric and spectral corrections for estimating surface albedo from satellite data

M. Zoran, S. Stefan

The use of multi-temporal and multispectral satellite data for change detection analysis of the romanian black sea coastal zone

M. Zoran, E. Anderson

Regular Papers


New As2S3:Pr3* - polymer composite materials

M. S. Iovu, A. M. Andries, S. A. Buzurniuc, V. I. Verlan, E. P. Colomeico, St. V. Robu

Magnetic properties of crystalline γ-MnS thin films

C. Gmş, A. Bayri, C. Ulutaş, M. Karakaplan, Y. Ufuktepe

Physical characterization of CdMnS nanocrystalline thin films grown by vacuum thermal evaporation

F. Iacomi, I. Salaoru, N. Apetroaei, A. Vasile, C. M. Teodorescu, D. Macovei

Numerical simulation of ohmic heating in idealized thin-layer electrodeposition cells

P. Barvinschi

The use of fractal parameter for the characterization of structured surfaces

D. L. Rujan, G. Drăgănescu

Improved SFS 3D measurement based on neural network

LiMei Song, DaNv Wang, Hong Su, XiaoXia Li, XianYong Liu

A new version of the chang method for the determination of the optical birefringence of nematic liquid crystals

I. Palarie, M. Socaciu, M. Ursache, C. Florea

Birefringence of azo-dye doped nematic liquid crystals

C. Motoc, G. Iacobescu

Structural and optical properties of zinc oxide thin films prepared by spray pyrolysis method

C. Gmş, O. M. Ozkendir, H. Kavak, Y. Ufuktepe

Cathodoluminescence of Ga1-xInxAsySb1-y epitaxial layers

C. Chze, B. Mndez, J. Piqueras, V Corregidor

Optical properties of PECVD deposited DLC films prepared with air addition

S. S. Tinchev, Y. Dyulgerska, P. Nikolova, D. Grambole, U. Kreissig, Tz. Babeva

Synthesis of MnFe2O4 nanoparticles by mechano-chemical reaction

P. Osmokrović, Č. Jovalekić, D. Manojlović, M. B. Pavlović

The modification of phenyl – pyridine compounds under UV irradiation: FTIR investigation

F. Ungureanu, L.Voicu, I. Andrei

The influence of the low-voltage capacitor dielectric material on the capacitive probe response in the nanosecond range

P. Osmokrovic, A. Vasic, M. Vujisic

New analytical HFET I – V characteristics model

R. M. Šašić, P. M. Lukić, R. M. Ramović

Improving breakdown voltage in AlGaAs/GaAs HEMT by gate oxidation

W. C. Chang, T. C. Cheng, K. F. Yarn

Radar absorbing materials used for target camouflage

I. Nicolaescu

Contribution to the cavity model for analysis of microstrip patch antennas

D. D. Sandu, O. G. Avadanei, A. Ioachim, D. Ionesi

Three concentric rings as frequency selective surfaces on isotropic chiral slabs

S. Ukun, T. Ege

Optical pumping of Rb by Ti:Sa laser and high-power laser diode

Z. Buchta, J. Rychnovsk, J. Lazar

Top mirror optimization of high-speed intracavity -contacted oxide-confined vertical-cavity surface - emitting lasers

V. V. Lysak, Ki Soo Chang, Yong Tak Lee

An useful analysis of selected parameters for the double-clad all-fiber laser with continuous wave

L. J. Shang, J. P. Ning, G. F. Fan, Z. Q. Chen, Q. Han, H. Y. Zhang

Diode pumped Q-switched Nd:YAG laser at 1064 nm with nearly diffraction limited output beam for precise micromachining of  natural diamond for micro electro mechanical systems (MEMS) applications

S. K. Sudheer, V. P. Mahadevan Pillai, V. U. Nayar

Temperature dependent nonlinear coefficients and second harmonic generation in quaternary glass system doped with TiO2

J. W. Dadge, S. K. Apte, S. D. Naik, B. B. Kale, R. C. Aiyer

Numerical investigations of interstitial hole-assistant microstructured optical fiber

X. Yu, P. Shum, M. Tang, M. Yan, J. Love

Normalization algorithm of the fiber drop fingerprint obtained from the optoelectronic drop analyzer

Qing Song, Guoxiong Zhang, Zurong Qiu, Jian Xu, Zhongping Fang

On the use of GaAs native oxide to characterize MISM and MISIM switching devices

K. F. Yarn

Improved method of phase detection scheme for displacement optic sensors

H. Gnewuch, N. N. Puscas, D. A. Jackson, A. Gh. Podoleanu

Neutron-irradiated superconducting YBa2Cu3(Li)O7-d with improved irreversibility

V. Sandu, S. Popa, E. Sandu, D. Di Gioacchino, P. Tripodi

Auto-fluorescence spectroscopy of colorectal carcinoma: ex vivo study

L. Horak, J. Zavadil, V. Duchac, S. Javorsky, F. Kostka, A. Svec, D. Lezal