last update: 09 feb. 2005

Volume 7, No. 1, 2005 - full papers



Georgi Nadjakoff Memorial Lecture


The impact of the electron spin on charge carrier recombination – the example of amorphous silicon

K. Lips, C. Boehme, T. Ehara


Milko Borisov Memorial Lecture


The opening-up of lipid bilayer vesicles by guest molecules: the adsorption isotherm and numerical calculations 

Y. Suezaki, T. Umeda

Invited Papers


Nanostructured and nanoscale devices and sensors

A. Vaseashta, J. Irudayaraj
4 Hopping transport in an isoenergetic spatially-random array of sites – the effect of jumps into distant sites J. M. Marshall, V. Arkhipov
5 Eelectronic structure and properties of nitride semiconductor compound alloys D. Alexandrov

Light-induced volume changes in amorphous selenium. molecular dynamics simulation; sample preparation and excitation

J. Hegedus, K. Kohary, S. Kugler

Application of SC-simul – numerical simulation for thin-film silicon based devices

R. Brüggemann, M. Rösch

Electronic properties of hydrogenated amorphous silicon prepared in expanding thermal plasmas

M. Brinza, G. J. Adriaenssens

Instability phenomena in microcrystalline silicon films

F. Finger, R. Carius, T. Dylla, S. Klein, S. Okur, M. Günes

Transport and instabilities in microcrystalline silicon films

S. Reynolds, V. Smirnov, F. Finger, C. Main, R. Carius


Polycrystalline Si films prepared by Al- and Ni- induced crystallisation

D. Dimova-Malinovska

Computer modelling of multi-trapping and hopping transport in disordered semiconductors

C. Main, J. M. Marshall, S. Reynolds
13 On the theoretical description of photoluminescence in disordered quantum structures O. Rubel, S. D. Baranovskii, K. Hantke, J. D. Heber, J. Koch, P. Thomas, J. M. Marshall, W. Stolz, W. W. Rühle
14 Band tail states in microcrystallline silicon solar cells probed by photoluminenscence and open circuit voltage R. Carius, T. Merdzhanova, S. Klein, F. Finger
15 Radiative lifetime and spontaneous emission in amorphous semiconductors J. Singh
16 Mechanism of photoluminescence in hydrogenated amorphous silicon determined
by wide-band quadrature frequency-resolved spectroscopy (Qfrs)
T. Aoki, T. Shimizu, D. Saito, K. Ikeda
17 Photoinduced fluidity enhanced by electric field in amorphous chalcogenides K. Shimakawa (Ovshinsky Award Laureate, 2003)

Kinetics of optically- and thermally-induced diffusion and dissolution of silver in PLD As40S60 amorphous films: their properties and structure

T. Wágner, M. Krbal, J. Jedelský, Mil. Vlček, B. Frumarová, M. Frumar
19 Sub-bandgap absorption spectroscopy and minority carrier transport properties of hydrogenated microcrystalline silicon thin films M. Güneş, O. Göktaş, S. Okur, N. Işık, R. Carius, J. Klomfass, F. Finger
20 Optoelectronic properties of CVD MoO3 and MoO3-WO3 films and their applications in electrochromic cells K. A. Gesheva, T. Ivanova, G. Popkirov, F. Hamelmann

Mössbauer spectroscopy as a powerful tool to study local electronic structure

J. C. Jumas, F. Robert, L. Aldon, E. Skordeva
22 Raman scattering from semiconductor nanoparticles and superlattices D. Nesheva
23 State-of-the-art of focused ion beam nanolithography

 K. Arshak, M. Mihov

24 Anisotropic- magnetoresistance integrated sensors S. Andreev, P. Dimitrova
25 F-colour centers and lithium nano-clusters in ion-beam assisted LiF thin films S. Scaglione, R. M. Montereali , V. Mussi , E. Nichelatti
26 Neutron incoherent scattering of rotational and transitional dynamics in anisotropic systems – a new theoretical approach N. Kirov, J. Jordanova, G. B. Hadjichristov
27 Polysilanes – advanced materials for optoelectronics S. Nešpůrek, G. Wang, K. Yoshino
28 High-current pulsed arc preparation of carbon and metal-carbon nanoparticles S. Muhl, F. Maya, S. Rodil, G. Gonzalez E. Camps, L. Escobar-Alarcon, M. Espinosa-Pesqueira



Corona electrets obtained in different gas media

T. Yovcheva, G. Mekishev, St. Nedev 

Incorporating of colored azoderivates in hybrid materices

Y. Ivanova, H. Hristov, Sn. Handjieva, Ch. Petkov

Space-charge effects in vacuum deposited polyimide layers

I. Zhivkov, V. Strijkova, E. Spassova, G. Danev, S. Nešpůrek, M. Iwamoto

Soft plasma treatment of polymer surfaces

S. Kitova, M. Minchev, G. Danev

Kinetics of the photochromic reaction in a polymer containing azobenzene groups

I. Mancheva, I. Zhivkov, S. Nešpůrek

Stroboscopic illumination gives new opportunities and improves the precision of bending elastic modulus measurements

J. Genova, V. Vitkova, L. Aladjem, P. Méléard, M. Mitov


Tumbling of lipid vesicles, enclosing a viscous fluid, under a shear flow

V. Vitkova, M. Mader, T. Biben, T. Podgorski

Surface orientation of smectics C and nematic with short range smectic C order using a holographic diffraction grating

B. Katranchev, M. Petrov

Surfactant desorption in homeotropic nematic layers studied by flexoelectric spectroscopy 

L. Todorova, Y. Marinov, I. Maslyanitsyn, S. Torgova, A. G. Petrov

The role of hydrogen bonding for initiation of chirality, dendrites and physical gel in nematics with short range smectic C order

B. Katranchev, H. Naradikian, M. Petrov

Longitudinal flexoelectric domains in BMAOB nematic layers under the joint action of dc and ac voltages

Y. Marinov, H. P. Hinov, A. G. Petrov

High temperature formation of polymer – dispersed hydrogen bonded liquid crystals

T. Angelov, B. Katranchev, M. Petrov

Temperature dependence of chromaticity in polymer-dispersed cholesteric liquid crystal: reflection and transmission characteristics

P. Pavlova, L. Avramov, H. Naradikian, T. Angelov, A. G. Petrov


constant photocurrent measurement of the subgap absorption in polymer blends

J. Willekens, T. Aernouts, G. J. Adriaenssens, J. Poortmans

The effects of oxide thickness on the interface and oxide properties of metal-tantalum pentoxide-si (mos) capacitors

P. Ozdag, E. Atanassova, M. Gunes 

Properties of reactive O2 ion beam sputtered TiO2 on Si wafers

S. Ulucan, G. Aygun, L. Ozyuzer, M. Egilmez, R. Turan

Analytical solution of a percolation model for charge decay on surfaces

P. Bozsoki, S. D. Baranovskii, P. Thomas, T. A. Yovcheva, G. A. Mekishev

On the determination of the optical constants of very thin (l/50) films

P. Gushterova, P. Sharlandjiev, B. Schmidt, M. Pham

On ‘extraordinary optical transmission’ from periodic and random nanostructures

P. Sharlandjiev, D. Nazarova, B. Mednikarov, M. Pham


Characteristics of polysilicon TFTs, hydrogenated by ion implantation p-channel

P. Aleksandrova, V. Gueorguiev, Tz. Ivanov, L. Popova

Magnetic properties of thin film AMR sensor structures implemented by magnetization after annealing

S. Andreev, J. Koprinarova, P. Dimitrova


Study and analisys of degradation processes in the electronic equipment operating at kozloduy NPP

A. Popov, N. Naydenov

Infrared spectroscopy study of Si-SiO2 structures irradiated with high-energy electrons

I. P. Lisovskyy, V. G. Litovchenko, D. O. Mazunov, S. Kaschieva, J. Koprinarova, S. N. Dmitriev

Experimental study of the density of states in the band gap of a-Se

M. L. Benkhedir, M. S. Aida, N. Qamhieh, A. Stesmans, G. J. Adriaenssens

Optical properties and thermal stability of Er-doped As-Se (Te, S)-Ge-Ga glasses for photonics

D. Tonchev, K. Koughia, M. Munzar, T. Sakai, K. Maeda, S. O. Kasap

Photo- and thermoinduced changes in As2S1.5Se1.5Gex

D. Platikanova, D. Arsova, E. Skordeva

Photoinduced changes in the valence band states of geXAs40-XS60 thin films

D. Gonbeau, V. Pamukchieva, R. Dedryvere, E. Skordeva, D. Arsova

Low-temperature luminescence quenching and local ordering study of Er-doped Ge-S-Ga glasses

Z. G. Ivanova, R. Ganesan, K. V. Adarsh, V. S. Vassilev, Z. Aneva, Z. Cernosek, E. S. R. Gopal

Photoluminescence of Er3+ ions in (GeS2)80(Ga2S3)20 glasses

Z. G. Ivanova, K. Koughia, Z. Aneva, D. Tonchev, V. S. Vassilev, S. O. Kasap


Characterization of heat – and photo – annealed GexSb40-xS60 films by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy

R. K. Debnath, A. G. Fitzgerald, K. Christova, A. Manov

Low-temperature thermal properties of Ge-As-S glasses

E. Vateva, B. Terziyska, H. Misiorek, A. Jeżowski, D. Wlosewicz, D. Arsova

Potoinduced scalar and vector effects in obliquely deposited a-As2S3 thin films

J. Dikova, Tz. Babeva, P. Sharlandjiev

Significance of the intramolecular degrees of freedom on the glass-forming process

H. Solunov

AFM and SEM investigations of ion beamsynthesized Mg2Si precipitates in Si substrates

Ch. Angelov, V. Mikli, B. Amov, E. Goranova

Properties of the SiC/Si structure prepared by rapid thermal annealing of amorphous hydrogenated carbon layers deposited on crystaline silicon

S. S. Georgiev, G. Beshkov, D. Sueva, E. Manolov

Effect of rapid thermal annealing on the properties of mPCVD and PECVD silicon nitride thin films

V. Bakardjieva, G. Beshkov, P. Vitanov, Z. Alexieva

AlN films obtained by a broad energy nitrogen ion implantation and rapid thermal annealing process

K. G. Grigorov, I. Nedkov, G. Beshkov, Ch. Angelov, H. S. Maciel, W. Matz,

R. Groetzchel, N. Velchev


Properties of Cr and Mo thin films deposited by RF sputtering

Ch. Dikov, M. Marinov, H. Maciel, K. Grigorov, I. Nedkov, G. Beshkov


Deposition of silicon oxide thin films in TEOS with addition of oxygen to the plasma ambient: IR spectra analysis

F. Hamelmann, U. Heinzmann, A. Szekeres, N. Kirov, T. Nikolova

Optical and electrochromic characterization of multilayered mixed metal oxide thin films

F. Hamelmann, K. Gesheva, T. Ivanova, A. Szekeres, M. Abrashev, U. Heinzmann


Microheterogeneous structure of melted and gel glasses in the system PbO-B2O3

E. Kashchieva, V. Ivanova, B. Tasseva, Y. Ivanova, Y. Dimitriev

The influence of Cu on the morphological and chemical properties of nanostructured Tio2 films

M. Gartner, A. Ghita, M. Anastasescu, P. Osiceanu, G. Dobrescu, M. Zaharescu, D. Macovei, M. Modreanu, C. Trapalis, G. Kordas


Fabrication of superconducting MgB2 from boron oxide (B2O3), and its microstructural and electrical characterization 

M. Yavas, S. Okur, M. Egilmez, M. Kalkanci, L. Ozyuzer


Microstructural and electrical characterization of Ti and Mg doped Cu-clad MgB2 superconducting wires

S. Okur, M. Kalkanci, M. Yavas, M. Egilmez, L. Ozyuzer

Fabrication of array of mesas on superconducting Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+d single crystals

C. Kurter, L. Ozyuzer

Classification of hiogh-temperature superconducting YBCO thin films by fuzzy clustering

P. Simeonova, V. Lovchinov

Superconducting nanostructured magnesium diboride

K. Kalaydjiev, V. Lovchinov, D. Dimitrov, M. Kirov, M. Baychev, Chr. Popov, D. D. Radev, M. Marinov, V. Tumbalev, I. Radev, Ph. Vanderbemden


Effect of silver addition on the Superconducting properties of LaBa2Cu3O7-d ceramics

E. Nazarova, K. Nenkov, A. Angelow, A. Zahariev

The influence of Pr-Ca substitution on phase formation, microstructure and oxygen content in YBCO bulk samples

A. Stoyanova-Ivanova, S. Terzieva, K. Zalamova, Ch. Angelov, A. Zahariev, H. Ignatov, V. Kovachev

On the low-symmetry orbital phases in Pr1-xCaxMnO3 manganite

E. S. Pisanova, N. S. Tonchev

Magneto-optical effect in Bi4ge3o12 single crystals doped with vanadium

P. Petkova, V. Marinova, T. Dimov, I. Iliev, M. Gospodinov

Dielectric behavior of Sn doped and annealed ferroelectric lead scandium tantalate single crystalas

D. Kaisheva, D. Doshkova, B. Mihailova, M. Gospodinov

Crystal growth, structure and dielectric properties of ferroelectric mixed Pb2ScTaxNb1-xO6 single crystals

D. Doshkova, D. Kaisheva, B. Mihailova, M. Gospodinov

Vacuum deposited films of cobalt oxides as electrocatalysts for oxygen reactions

V. Rashkova, S. Kitova, T. Vitanov

Structural study of Si samples, beam crystallized using medium energy ion scattering

Ch. Angelov, T. Lohner, M.Takai, A. Kinomura, St. Georgiev

Raman spectroscopy on electrochemically doped carbon nanotubes

P. M. Rafailov, C. Thomsen

Depth profiles and crystallization behaviour of Mg ions implanted into Si

Ch. Angelov, Bl. Amov, A. Kinomura, E.Goranova, G. Beshkov, M.Takai

Patterned surfaces for in vitro hydroxyapatite growth

L. Pramatarova, E. Pecheva, R. Presker, M. Stutzmann, M. Hanzlik

A Raman spectroscopic study of defects in Bi4Ge3O12 crystals

P. M. Rafailov, T. I. Milenov, M. N. Veleva, C. Thomsen, M. M. Gospodinov

Morphology of Y1Ba2Cu3Oz and Y0.7 Ca0.3Ba2Cu3Oz bulk samples depending on Ca – substitution

S. Terzieva, A. Stoyanova-Ivanova, K. Zalamova, V. Mikli, Ch. Angelov, V. Kovache


Impact of instability in µc-Si:H i-layers on the performance of solar cells

M. Sendova-Vassileva, F. Finger, S. Klein, A. Lambertz

A comparison of model calculations and experimenatl results on the photoluminescence energy and open circuit voltage of µc-Si:H solar cells

T. Merdzhanova, R. Carius, S. Klein, F. Finger, D. Dimova-Malinovska

mınorıty carrier properties of microcrystalline silicon thin films grown by HW-CVD and VHF-PECVD techniques

S. Okur, O. Göktaş, M. Güneş, F. Finger, R. Carius

Mobility-lifetime products in microcrystalline silicon

R. Brüggemann

Photoluminescence of hydrogenated amorphous silicon suboxides

A. Bacıoğlu, A. O. Kodolbaş, Ö. Öktü

Lıght ınduced degradatıon of hydrogenated amorphous sılıcon – germanıum alloy (a-SiGe:H) thın fılms

M. E. Dönertaş, M Güneş

Density of localized states in hydrogenated amorphous silicon determined by quasistatic capacitance of metal/a-Si:H/SiO2/c-Si structures

N. Nedev, E. Manolov, Tz. Ivanov, B. Pantchev, G. Beshkov, R. Durny, K. Gmucová, V. Nadazdy

Recombination of photoexcited carriers in Bi12TiO20 monocrystals

Z. Aneva, D. Nesheva

Effects of thermal annealing and long-term ageing on electronic defects in CdSe thin films

D. Nesheva, S. Reynolds, Z. Aneva, C. Main, Z. Levi

Structural defects in gallium arsenide

Ts. Mihailova

Electronic states of diffused GaAs/AlGaAs quantum wires

M. Saraydarov, V. Donchev, K. Germanova, K. Kirilov

Numerical simulation of the time-resolved Surface photovoltage at Si-SiO2 interfaces

K. Kirilov, K. Germanova, V. Donchev, Tzv. Ivanov

A surface photovoltage spectroscopy system used for minority carrier diffusion length measurements on floating zone silicon

K. Kirilov, V. Donchev, Tsv. Ivanov, K. Germanova, P. Vitanov, P. Ivanov


Optical investigation of a Pb2ScTaO6 crystal with a room temperature phase transition

Y. Sarov, V. Marinova, M. Gospodinov, S. Sainov


Inter-trap tunneling in hydrogen implanted n-si/sio2 structures

S. Simeonov, A. Gushterov

Electrical characterization of MIS structures with sol-gel TiO2(La) dielectric films

S. Simeonov, E. Kafedjiiska, A. Szekeres, C. Parlog, M. Gartner

Phase composition of proton – exhanged waveguides in LiNbO3: a spectroscopic study

M. Kuneva, S. Tonchev, E. Thatsi, D. Lampakis

Electrical properties of plasma-assiated CVD deposited thin silicon oxynitride films

A. Szekeres, S. Simeonov, A. Gushterov, T. Nikolova, F. Hamelmann, U. Heinzmann

Thermally induced structural transformations in CVD transition metal oxide thin films

K. Gesheva, A. Cziraki, T. Ivanova, A. Szekeres

Nonlinear optical materials: nonlinear refelction in compounds with large permanent dipole moments

G. B. Hadjichristov, N.Kirov

Mössbauer study of the degree of disorder in amorphous Ge-Sb-S

E. Skordeva, P. E. Lippens, J. C. Jumas, J. Olivier-Fourcadea, V. Pamukchieva