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Volume 8, No. 3, 2006 - full papers



Joint Conferences on "Fundamental and Applied Research

in Physics", October 24-29, Iasi, Romania (Selected Papers) 


Improving the wetting of oxides by metals


Optical properties of low-dimensional PbI2 particles embedded in polyacrylamide matrix


TiO2 thin films doped by Ce, Nb, Fe, deposited onto ITO/glass substrates


Electronic transport and photoconductivity of polycrystalline CdSe thin films

5 On the structural and optical characteristics of zinc telluride thin films G. I. RUSU, P. PREPELIŢĂ, R. S. RUSU, N. APETROAIE, G. ONICIUC, A. AMARIEI
6 Fundamental absorption edge in thin films of Cd1-xMnxTe solid solutions I. CARAMAN, G. I. RUSU, L. LEONTIE

Structural, electronic transport and optical properties of Zn-doped CdTe thin films


8 Preparation and structural characterization of thin-film CdTe/CdS heterojunctions I. SALAORU, P. A. BUFFAT, D. LAUB, A. AMARIEI, N. APETROAEI, M. RUSU
9 Band-pass filters with (Zr0.8, Sn0.2)TiO4 dielectric resonators A. IOACHIM, M. G. BANCIU, L. NEDELCU, C. A. DUŢU
11 The distribution of the relaxation times and the thermally stimulated depolarization currents R. M. NEAGU, E. R. NEAGU
12 Characterization of dielectric mixtures by the time domain reflectometry (TDR) V. DOBRINCU S. B. BALMUS, G. N. PASCARIU, D. D. SANDU
13 The study of weak molecular movements in nonpolar materials by decorating the structure with space charge E. R. NEAGU, R. M. NEAGU
14 Plasma experiments with relevance for nano-science D. G. DIMITRIU, E. LOZNEANU, M. SANDULOVICIU
15 The cavity perturbation method for the measurement of the relative dielectric permittivity in the microwave range S.-B. BALMUS, G.-N. PASCARIU, F. CREANGA, I. DUMITRU, D. D. SANDU
16 Induced residual stresses in the preparation process of the glass-covered amorphous magnetic microwires I. ASTEFANOAEI, D. RADU, H. CHIRIAC
17 Modeling of viscosity phenomena in models of hysteresis with local memory P. ANDREI, A. STANCU, A. ADEDOYIN
18 Synthesis and characterization of some ferrite nanoparticles B. PARVATHEESWARA RAO, O. F. CALTUN
19 Microstructure and magnetic behaviour of Ni-Zn-Co ferrites B. PARVATHEESWARA RAO, O. F. CALTUN
20 Numerical advanced characterization of magnetic recording media V. IONITA, L. PETRESCU
21 The magnetic oxide semiconducting ceramics as gas sensor N. IFTIMIE, E. REZLESCU, P. D. POPA, N. REZLESCU
22 Effects of the surface tension of the electrolyte on magnetic properties of Co-Ni-Mg electrodeposited thin films M. DAUB, F. M. TUFESCU, V. GEORGESCU
23 Structure and magnetoresistance of La1-xCaxMn0.9Cu0.1O3 manganites M.-L. CRAUS, M. LOZOVAN
24 Microstructure and humidity sensitive properties of MgFe2O4 ferrite with Sn and Mo substitutions prepared by selfcombustion method C. DOROFTEI, E. REZLESCU, N. REZLESCU, P. D. POPA
25 Gas sensitivity of nanocrystalline nickel ferrite N. IFTIMIE, E. REZLESCU, P. D. POPA, N. REZLESCU
26 Influence of copper ions on the structure and electromagnetic properties of MgZn ferrite E. REZLESCU, L. SACHELARIE, N. REZLESCU
27 The influence of the technological factors on strontium hexaferrites with lanthanum substitution prepared by self-combustion method C. DOROFTEI, E. REZLESCU, P. D. POPA, N. REZLESCU
28 The influence of the external electric field on the birefringence of nematic liquid crystal layers I. DUMITRASCU, L. DUMITRASCU, D. O. DOROHOI
29 Long wave instabilities in binary mixture thin liquid films I. D. BORCIA, R. BORCIA, M. BESTEHORN
30 Phase field models for Marangoni convection in planar layers R. BORCIA, M. BESTEHORN
31 Water-soluble polyamidhydroxyurethane swelling behaviour V. MELNIG, V. POHOATA, L. OBREJA, A. GARLEA, M. CAZACU
32 Tunable temperature behaviour of water-soluble polyamidhydroxyurethane M.-O. APOSTU, V. MELNIG
33 Surface modification of polymethylmetacrylate films using dielectric barrier discharge G. BORCIA, I. RUSU, G. POPA
34 Light absorption in meta-dinitrobenzene and benzyl crystalline films F. STANCULESCU, A. STANCULESCU, M. SOCOL
35 Optical properties of polycarbonate organic matrix/cadmium sulphide clusters composite material A. STANCULESCU, F. STANCULESCU, M. SOCOL
36 Surface modification of PVDF by plasma treatment for electroless metallization M. PASCU, D. NICOLAS, F. PONCIN-EPAILLARD, C. VASILE
37 Pressure effect on optical conductivity for bulk (Bi,Pb)- 2223 samples A. HARABOR, N. A. HARABOR
38 Short-wavelength fluctuation regime in paraconductivity of bulk monophase (Bi, Pb)-2223 superconductor system A. HARABOR, N. A. HARABOR, M. DELETTER
39 Optical and photoelectrical properties of GaS and CdTe thin films, components of GaS/CdTe heterojunctions E. CUCULESCU, I. EVTODIEV, M. CARAMAN, M. RUSU

International Conference on Advanced Materials, November 11-13, 2005, Oradea, Romania (Selected Papers)

40 Spring-block type models for capillarity-driven self-organized nanostructures F. JÁRAI-SZABÓ, A. KUTTESCH , S. AŞTILEAN, Z. NÉDA, N. CHAKRAPAMI, P. M. AJAYAN ,R. VAJTAI
41 Numerical simulations of heat transport in photothermal measurement techniques X. FILIP, M. CHIRTOC, J. PELZL
42 Critical behavior of a spring-block model for magnetization K. KOVÁCS, Z. NÉDA
43 Spin wave spectrum in disordered Heisenberg spin systems E.-V. MACOCIAN, S. FILIP
44 Local dynamic spin-fluctuations in YCo2 compound L. CHIONCEL, E. BURZO
45 EPR and IR structural investigations on xMnO·(1-x)[3P2O5·CaO] glass system D. TOLOMAN, C. TRIPON, L. M. GIURGIU, I. ARDELEAN
46 FTIR spectroscopic investigations of MnO-P2O5-TeO2 glasses I. ARDELEAN, C. HOREA
47 EPR investigation of the xMnO×(100-x)[2B2O3×MO] (MO → CdO, SrO) glass systems I. ARDELEAN, M. FLORA
48 FTIR structural investigation of 3B2O3·BaO glass matrix containing manganese ions I. ARDELEAN , M. TODERAŞ
49 Structural study of the Fe2O3-B2O3-BaO glass system by FTIR spectroscopy M. TODERAŞ, S. FILIP, I. ARDELEAN
50 Comparative structural investigation of B2O3-MO-CuO glasses (MO → TeO2 or As2O3) by FTIR and Raman spectroscopies R. CICEO LUCACEL, I. ARDELEAN
51 Structural investigation of the xV2O5(1-x)[Bi2O3·B2O3] glasses by IR absorbtion, EPR and NMR C. TRIPON, D. TOLOMAN, M. ALUAS, C. FILIP, I. ARDELEAN
52 Transport phenomena in polycrystalline bulk samples of Ru1-xSbxSr2(Eu0.7Ce0.3)2Cu2O10-δ G. ILONCA, F. BEIUŞEANU, V. TOMA, T. JURCUT, E.-V. MACOCIAN
53 Spectroscopic investigation on some calcium-phosphate glasses N. VEDEANU, O. COZAR, I. ARDELEAN, S. FILIP
54 Nanostructured phases in bismuthate glasses containing rare earth ions E. CULEA, I. BRATU, M. BOGDAN, L. GIURGIU, I. VIDA-SIMITI, M. CULEA, L. POP, M. BOSCA
55 Spectral and theoretical studies of 2-naphthalenol: an organic nonlinear optical crystalline material V. CHIŞ, M. OLTEAN, A. PÎRNĂU, V. MICLĂUŞ, S. FILIP
56 Chemical structure of films grown by AlN laser ablation: an X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy study I. STANCA
57 Transport and magnetic properties on MgB2 thin films G. ILONCA, F. BEIUŞEANU, V. TOMA, T. JURCUT, E.-V. MACOCIAN
58 Two band superconductivity in Eliashberg model for MgB2 E. V. MACOCIAN
59 Length-scale dependence of vortex dynamics in HTSC superconductors I. NÁNDORI, K. VAD

Regular Papers

  Review Paper
60 Infrared chalcogenide microlenses D. SAVASTRU, S. MICLOS, R. SAVASTRU
  Feature Paper
61 Photodynamic therapy in oncology M. A. CALIN, S. V. PARASCA
62 Combined experimental and theoretical investigation of multiple-nanosecond laser ablation of metals M. STAFE, C. NEGUTU, I. M. POPESCU
63 Optical properties of PbS-CdS multilayers and mixed (CdS+PbS) thin films deposited on glass substrate by spray pyrolysis V. POPESCU, H. I. NAŞCU, E. DARVASI
64 Nanomechanical properties evaluation of bioactive glass coatings on titanium alloy substrate C. Y. TANG, C. P. TSUI, DJ. JANACKOVIC, P. S. USKOKOVIC
65 Ferromagnetic ordering of Mn diluted into InAs(100) probed by x-ray magnetic circular dichroism C. M. TEODORESCU, M. C. RICHTER, K. HRICOVINI
66 Praseodymium in heavy metal oxyfluoride glass systems W. A. PISARSKI
67 Kinetic parameters of glass transition in glassy (Se80Ge20)100-xBix alloys R. S. TIWARI, N. MEHTA, R. K. SHUKLA, A. KUMAR
68 The correlation of morphology and surface resistance in porous silicon SH. D. MILANI, R. S. DARIANI, A. MORTEZAALI, V. DAADMEHR, K. ROBBIE
69 Optical properties of bismuth oxide thin films prepared by reactive magnetron sputtering L. LEONTIE
70 Optical and electronic properties of (Fe+Sb):PVA for real time holography V. KUNCSER, M. BULINSKI, S. KRAUTWALD, H. FRANKE, F. E. WAGNER, D. CRISTEA, P. PALADE, C. PLAPCIANU, G. FILOTI
71 Fractal structures of gold obtained by diffusion limited aggregation in alkali halide crystals M. ENCULESCU, I. ENCULESCU, V. TOPA
72 Preparation and structural characterization of nickel/ alumina nano-particles composite coatings C. GHEORGHIES, G. CARAC, I. V. STASI
73 Approaching the limit of the SiO2 possibilities for application in nanoscale microelectronics N. NOVKOVSKI, E. ATANASSOVA
74 High-resolution periodical structure on polycarbonate using holographic interferometry and electroforming process WEN-CHUNG CHANG, WEI-CHING CHUANG, CHI-TING HO, KAO-FENG YARN
75 Torsion-sensitivity of mechanical long-period grating in photonic crystal fiber X. YU, P. SHUM, S. FU, L. DENG
76 A wide tunable range fiber Bragg grating filter J. SUN, C. C. CHAN, X. Y. DONG
77 Effective methods to improve pulse energy of Q-switched fiber laser LIAN-JU SHANG, JI-PING NING, GUO-FANG FAN, ZHI-QIANG CHEN, QUN HAN, HUA-YONG ZHANG
78 Determination of propagation constants in a buried ion-exchanged glass optical waveguide by using finite element method V. A. POPESCU, N. N. PUSCAS
79 Determination of normalized propagation constants for the double-clad planar Nd:YAG and Yb:YAG waveguide lasers V. A. POPESCU, N. N. PUSCAS
80 Numerical study of mode-locked semiconductor optical amplifier fiber ring laser FEI WANG, GUANGQIONG XIA, ZHENGMAO WU
81 Application of Kerr electro-optic effect to electric field measurements in transformer oils Z. LAZAREVIĆ, R. RADOSAVLJEVIĆ, M. PEŠIĆ, P. OSMOKROVIĆ
82 Preparing graphitic schist as a pressure sensor precursor by carbon separation using electromagnetic techniques K. KOKKORIS, K. PANAGOPOULOS, P. E. TSAKIRIDIS, E. HRISTOFOROU
83 Structural instability under pressure in the HTSL (Nd, Gd, Ce)2CuO4 C. PELSHENKE, O. COZAR, A. V. POP
84 Modification of the sperconducting parameters of Bi-Sr-Ca-Cu-O by iodine intercalation V. MIHALACHE, G. ALDICA, D. MIU
85 The M-effect in A.C/D.C. discharges in He+O2/ Cl2 gas mixtures G. MUSA, L. C. CIOBOTARU, BARBU IONUT
86 Construction of luminescent molecular-based hybrid material with double chemical bond from functional bridge ligand through in-situ sol-gel process BING YAN, LI-MIN ZHAO
87 Effect of soft-segment chemistry on polyurethane biocompatibility V. MELNIG, A. GARLEA, L. OBREJA
88 Doping type effect on electrical conductivity of Poly(2,6-dimethyl-1,4-phenylene oxide) and electrical properties of doped and undoped Poly(2,6-dimethyl-1,4-phenylene oxide) / Ardel®D-100 films M. SERIN, D. SAKAR, O. CANKURTARAN, F. KARAMAN
89 New hema-based polymeric microbeads for drug delivery systems T. ZECHERU, C. ZAHARIA, G. MABILLEAU, D. CHAPPARD, C. CINCU
90 Structure and texture of some Keggin type heteropolyacids supported on silica and titania A. POPA, V. SASCA, E. E. KIS, R. MIRINKOVIC-NEDUCIN, M. T. BOKOROV, J. HALASZ
91 Polymeric and low-molar-mass glass-forming diphenylsulphone-based hydrazonesNew polymeric hydrazones were prepared by polycondensation of bis(4-hydrazinophenyl)sulfone with the differently substituted E. JASIUKAITYTE, J. OSTRAUSKAITE, J. VIDAS GRAZULEVICIUS, V. JANKAUSKAS